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Hello from FRANCE,

After just watching Kyles TOTW about locks, I thought about what you going to lock it to. You find a load of bikes go missing at home or the office when they are left alone for some time, even in a garage or shed.

On my facebook I got this fab thing to protect your bike, you get your lock from CC and then you think about this fixing point.


Keep the grey coming long and slow

Tony aka Englissh


Pretty neat idea

pretty kool there Tony

Nice and clean, If you could extend the bottom and sink into some freshly poured cement about 4 ft deep, with an uncuttable chain, that would be amazing, even how it sits now it will deter most of the thiefs. Good Idea!

Very neat idea!

A dog makes a good anchor point

Like the look of it.  It will assist the Kelpie while she bites the crap out of them.  Have a mate who she adores and gets really excited when he comes around.  He wanted to come in through the side gate one afternoon.  She nearly ripped his lungs out.  When he came in the normal way by being let in by me through the front door, she went ballistic with excitement.  He was white the way she went at him when he tried to open the gate. 

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