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Angaston 2013 comes to an end

Well, sadly, the 2013 rally in Angaston, South Australia will officially come to an end. Many head home to all parts of the country.   Attendees came from Bunbury, in Western Australia, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne and from all parts between.  A great time was had and new friendships made.  With many first timers a little unsure as to what they should expect, it is fantastic to see those fears and trepidations disappear within minutes of arrival. To see strangers with a common thread of motorcycling come together in the spirit of friendship makes me very proud that I had something to do with making the first one of these rallies happen.  
2013 had a new dimension.  We added a charity fundraising component.  The final figure is not available yet, but we know it is going to be in excess of $500.  A bloody magnificent effort from 36 people.  A huge thank you is owed to both spacemonkey69 and nurszak who acted as fines masters.  Items were auction and these included some warning signs about people and gas warnings and a pair of underpants with a warning about cross winds.  These were very generously purchased by a member's wife.  The member will respond accordingly when he returns home!!!!!

There is the 2013 USA Tail of the Dragon ride commencing in a few weeks, and I hope all those attending that can have as much fun as we had and the charity component is every bit as successful.  Good luck and enjoy the time together.

2014 in Australia is in Katoomba NSW.  Note, it is not in Mt Gambier as some believe.  Katoomba is going to be a blast, so anybody out there who wants to have a great experience, be there.




Forgot to mention, it's been bloody hot too.

Thanks to all the people who welcomed Kate and myself so enthusiastically into the group. We both had a fantastic time and can't wait to do it all again. I learnt much and made many great friends. RIDE ON!

Rob, I told you she WILL wait for you!!! Smiley-wink
And secondly, I really hope that you will participate next year too.....

In follow up to Marks comments I would like to thank everyone again for a great weekend. Also wish you all a safe ride home.

Thanks Kate you and Mark were great and we all hope to see attend the next event .

It's over Cray 2
I wanna go back. I haven't stopped laughing yet.
Kate and Mark, welcome to the fold. You did well and I'm sure you will enjoy many more

Kate and Mark, it was great that you could make it for the two days!

Kate, you will have to attend the next one.... there were still some of the guys bikes that you didnt get a chance to get on the back of Smiley-wink

Adding to Beachy's comment, we had an absolutely fabulous time! it was so good catching up with our 'old' (not literally Smiley-laughing ) friends and making so many new ones! The wonderful, welcoming cameraderie all weekend was unbelievable!
I hope you all have a safe journey home, and we look forward to catching up with you all again at Katoomba , if not sooner!

Thanks Annie. It's always a good laugh with you guys.

Well its done and dusted and it was great , I said my goodbyes on the Sunday night and Im sorry if I missed anyone , I left before daylight on Monday morning , I even pushed the bike out of the motel so I would not disturb anyones beauty sleep ,and hit the road this was about 4.30 am and I was home 1862kms later about 8.00 pm , it should only have been 1600kms ,but ,I got a little lost and had to do a lot of backtracking around west wylong an extra 146km each way , needless to say I slept on my stomach last night , My speeds were a bit crazy but the roads were deserted so cruising was around 120 -140 and the Harley chewed through fuel like it was going out of fashion , I only stopped for fuel and drank on the move and lunch was a choclate bar I ate on the move also but I was on a mission as I rang my wife the night before and asked her to do a roast for the following night so it gave me the incentive to get home quick and let me tell you it was worth all my efforts to get there . I would also like to thank every one for their friend ship over the weekend and it was great to catch up again ,Great stuff and well organised again , see ya Lowie .

Way to go Lowie!!!!!!!!!!! 1862 KMS!! That is the last time I every mention my 1150 in a day.!! Bloody glad you could be there. Was great to catch up. Next year buddy.

I hope we do Rob, truth is I was just hungry and I love roast meat , and to steal a line and bastardise it from the Newcastle song , "As every kurri kurri lad will tell you ,dont you ever let a roast go by oh lord dont you ever let a roast go by " my singing voice is not good today must have been all the baked vegetables.

Way to go Lowie. I dont think I got to say my goodbyes to you but Im glad you got home safe and sound. It really was a pleasure meeting you and looking forward to catching up with you again in the future

What time did you get home Beau , and how was the dog ,pleased to see you back , or was he getting spoiled .

To all involved the few hours I spent with you on Saturday afternoon was a blast there were learning experiences, and a few friends made...... So thank you for a great afternoon Smiley-wink

lets do it all again next week end ..... At LOWIES!

Was great t meet you finally too Dan

ALL OF YOU? I need a bigger table !

Im happy to eat off my lap mate! As long as its not as hot there as it was down here and there is a roast on the menu, What time should we arrive?

1862kms in a day - sounds like you "rode it like you stole it" Smiley-wink

On my way. Tilly, make sure you get some ice for the beer!

He did!!

7oo ks is plenty in this heat .

Beau, you be accused of being bitchy with that comment!!! Not that I would ever do that!!!,

Wow Lowie, that was amazing

Are you looking to take the pillion position on Lowies bike for the next iron butt ride Kate? Smiley-wink

Somehow I think she would be smarter than that Beachy , but some of you other bloody idiots ,well thats a different matter . In fact if I took Steve for a ride on the Friday night I dont think he would have noticed the missing seat ,lol.

Well done to the organizers and the bbq cooks etc etc. It was great to meet up with you all, and well done Lowie on that ride. Hopefully it wasn't as hot as it was today on my ride from Adelaide to it was hot! and all I could think of was that CoolVest (KewlVest?) that Peter Vardos had. I must buy one of them!

Steve, sorry I missed saying goodbye to you. We had to scream out early for the horse ride. Thanks for your help over the week end and I'm looking forward to catching up with you again. Stay safe mate

No worries mate! Keep that little Roadie in check eh?

IRON BUTT ! tillydog ............... gratz mate, one day i think i will go for that patch lol ,well i must of got home in about 50 mins, not far away on a 1800cc.. Well what can i say , it was bloody great, good food good drink and bloody great mates thats the best week end any one can have in my book.. take care all and see you all soon ...

Hey Lowie , don't worry about getting a bigger table. I'll come for dinner too, so you will need a bigger roast . Great to see you again.

Sound like I will need a spit that will hold a couple of cows .

While I am thinking of it is anyone going to post the Angaston Shuffle??

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!!!!!!!!


It was a great weekend, thanks to all, od and new!
We are still on the road, should be home day after tommorrow. are a legend!

Lowie ... I dips me lid to you mate .... you are a legend .... a "giant" among endurance riders!! I know what it took out of me to do just shy of 1200kms hours on Friday to get to Angaston .... I am shaking my head and simply cannot imagine how I would have been able to do another 600+ on top of that .... bloody amazing! Looking forward to a more sedate ride to Katoomba of only 350 kms next year! My fuel consumption was quite acceptable (between 17 and 20 kms per litre, depending on how heavy the throttle hand was) - but running a very very hot, air cooled engine for many hours in 35+ (C) degree heat did affect my oil consumption.

Kate and Mark ... great to meet you both - looking forward to seeing you on your cruisers next time. Btw, thanks for the Friends add Mark.

Steve ... have sent you an email about the Kewl vest. Worked a treat and I will not leave home without it if a hot day of riding is in prospect.

To all .... thanks for another great CCC Aussie rally ....... now to prepare for The Dragon!!

Ditto to the above. BTW is it "Long Haul Lowie" now?

Peter, thanks for the Kewl vest info!
Lowie is indeed a hard core long distance rider.

It was great to meet you all, sorry if my daughter & i missed any of you, Great bunch of people you all are

Great time had by the 'Leads' Smiley-laughing Thanks to all for making the 'Heat' more than bearable, I cant think of a better bunch of folk to spend time with. So many nice bikes and great personalities in one place made our 1st 'CCC' yearly trip only the 1st of many.
We have already booked for Katoomba and will be better funded for an extended stay in 2014.
The bike went perfectly, 1700+ k's and all is well, not withstanding a couple of mildy bony bums.
Thanks to Tony and Karen for making the ride to and from a very enjoyable experience, special mention for the Ploughmans MotorInn (Horsham) for having the Pool in perfect workin order, 4 very appreciative people spent a very relaxing 4+ hours in on Tuesday (photos on face ache err 'book')
Phil! you keep draggin the newbies along m8, Gayle and I had a great time.

We had an AWESOME time with everyone over the past few days. BIG THANKS to Phil Cole for organising a fantastic weekend and use of your vehicle / taxi service over the days. Also big thanks to Mrs Cole for her support and assistance with BBQ dinners and taxi service. Another big thank you to Beachy for leading some of the rides as the group was too big and we had to split into smaller groups (plus people wanted to see/do different things which is cool).... and Nursezak & AnnieO for organising Horse Riding for some of the girls to attend with me - my first ever experience horse riding (or even meeting a horse face to face!) I appreciate the 100km ride with Vardy, Beachy and Buddah as well - thank you guys for coming along and keeping us company. And thanks to everyone who attended, for your friendship and all the good times!

Spacemonkey and I were the last two at the motel and we left this morning at 7.15am thinking we'd overnight somewhere once we got tired and wanted to stop. The weather was much more comfortable today in low/mid 20's, and in the end we made it all the way home - 764km - a Pocket Rocket record.... but yep it's nothing on Vardy's 1200 or Tillydog's 1800km days - that's just crazy man lol Well done guys.

Here it is boys & girls, the video you've been waiting for:

CCC Aussie Harlem Shake

Oh dear!!! I can guarantee hat you will not see me in that video. Please do not think all Aussies are like that. Only some get that drunk!!!

Phil, Phil, gotta cut loose sometimes!

One thing that Julie and I learnt from that experience is that pole dancing around a 'square' pole is not a good idea!! Smiley-wink

Were they also made of wood? Splinters are a big concern!!

Luckily they weren't Dim!! Smiley-laughing

Say what you want Annie, but I enjoied the dance A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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