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Anniverasary today

It  has been exactly one year today since I nmarried my beautiful wife, now you all talk about your favourite rides whether they are American Iron or Japenese, but I love my Chines gal the best, everthing else for me just pales into insignificenst Smiley-laughing




Congrats and best wishes to you both. May you have many, many more.

Happy Anniversary, Terry! Smiley-laughing

Terry... Are you SURE is it a "Tech Help" topic????...LOL

Sorry for that comment mate... Just joking...
You do NOT need a "Tech Help" - In your case You are BLESSED mate!!!
Congrats!!!!! I wish you two MANY, MANY more years together!!!

Please may I change the topic of Your discussion so more people can see it?

Please be my guest my wise friend Smiley-laughing

Goodonya Terry
Keep an eye on your service intervals mate! You wouldn't want anything to joepardize the warranty LOL


Congrats to you all Terry ! Best wishes for MANY more my FRIEND !!

Congratulations on the anniversary, I have just celebrated my 25th I feel the same way as you.

Congratulations and Best Wishes!
Ain't love grand .....?

Congrats Terry on your anniversary and also the moving in to the new home. Guess you have most of it sorted out by now and somewhere dry to park the bike. Catch up soon for a ride

The best to you both. Betsy and I are at 35. Hope you guys catch up to us and more.

From one Tezza to another Tezza.

Gratz to you both and many more to come

Great News, Congratulations to you both and may there be many more ..... cheers


Thank You All for your kind comments, Dennis the inside of the house is now pretty much sorted at the moment my business is keeping me pretty much flat out and I haven't had time to even look at the outside but it will come. the bike is now parked in the garage but I have been so busy I haven't looked at it in weeks and at the mo it's too damned cold to go riding but looking forward to catching up, would love for you and Nola to come here sometime and check it out, stay in touch, in the meantime good buddy stay the sunny side up.

Congrats Terry life's so much better with the right partner best wishes to you both.

Congrats my friend.

Happy anniversary to you both, I'm sure the best is yet to come , ours is 33years this year and still going strong .

Congrats! Here's to many many more!!!

Thanks Terry for the invite will take you up on that

Congrates Terry and many many more to you and Mrs. Tezza

Congrates Terry and many many more to you and your wife

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