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another season over

well its cold, to FUkN cold for me.   just wrapped up the bike and put her to bed,  this years expenses (fixes) ,1 helmet cam $40,

1 tenior cover gasket $2, 1 tappet cover oring $8, 1 diy carb adjustment aparatus $30, 1 blue tooth speaker system $120,

2 handle bar clamps $10, 

1 pair gloves $25, 1 oil filter $20, 1 jug rotella T4$20,

at least i can do all the labour myself.

2 close calls

getting through another season of riding in sasaktoon traffic and pot holes, FUkN pricesless




And we continue going Eynstyn!!! LOL

Well have a good fall. I'll be riding until November. It will be chilly but that's OK. Then back at it in February...

I'm hoping for a few more rides before I put my into hibernation this year in Winnipeg.

We had a great day it was 80+ and sunny but sadly I had to repair my irrigation system so no riding for me. Except to get parts. Tomorrow I'll finish up. Then I'm off for a couple hrs of riding. Rod get some riding while you can..

Hmmm ...... Saskatoon, eh?
About the same here in southern Alberta.
Just a few more bugs to get cleaned up & I’ll be all winterized too.

Come on down Noofy is been in the 70's and 80's . Next week is going to be the same maybe warmer.

I’m still riding around with the Yamaha. Weather is still good enough, or maybe even better. Weather is still good! Sunny, not warm as it is only about 3 degrees during the night but 12 till 14 during daytime. This time of the year nothing to complain about that. I would suggest to keep it this kind of weather till Christmas and again from the first week of January! But that will not happen, we are just lucky at the moment here in Holland, and I’m enjoying it!

Here it hasn't rained in three days Woopie !!! Were over 20 Inches of rain for the year. Our summer if its not raining had been in the 90's and jungle humid. Right now its very nice and should be that way into November. I intend to take full advantage of it.

My bikes are never put away. Usually take the Bird out every 7-21 days in the winter for a short ride when the weather gets up to 40 F and the roads are dry. When the roads are wet, the Rebel still gets rode back and forth to work as long as no ice, which means riding down to 34 F.

A few things will keep me grounded. Ice, snow, salt scrummed roads and the back yard is to muddy to ride across.

I love it.

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