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Anyone here???

Logged on at home and took me to other site!! Logged on at work and it brought me back to CCC!! Is anyone still here on this site, or is it shut down?



I'm here. And I will bee till the end if that ever comes

It's a little quiet, but I'm checking in without problems. Scruffy had some issues thinking the site shut down, but I haven't had problems.

As Drew said it's been quiet but some of us are still here till it ends. Facebook sucks so won't go there, wondering if Instagram might work for people

Had a problem logging on yesterday but here until the lights go out. As Drew and Val have said, it has been a bit quiet over the past few days ... everyone seems to be hibernating!!

Yeah, Tee we're still here. Where you been? Lol. Gonna be here till the end

I tell you that if someone was smart they'd set up some kind of backup to this site. We will all lose communication. I'd do it but I'm not that smart.

There are a couple of FB sites and Tezza is working with another thing to see if it works out

Yep. Still here moderating. Still admining the fb page "Friends from Cruiser Customizing" (previously Cruiser Customizing Members) and assisting Scruffy as an admin on his CC Guys fb page. Will be in them till they cease or I cease.

I clicked my favorites at home and it took me to the new company site! I called'em and they said they weren't keeping up with the community site, and then proceeded to tell me that Uwe gave up the company for unknown reasons, so they soaked up Cruiser into their company! I just assumed that the site was shut down, but at work it took me here again! Smiley-laughing

Interesting, Tee. That is probably the first comment/acknowledgement that CompAcc has made about (not) maintaining this site. If that's the case then its only a matter of time before it goes down.

Sadly, it looks that way!

Just a thought...any one wanting to save photos, posts, comments etc...may want to start saving them now, as I just did!

Still here and like Al moderating. You got answers we never got, but I think we all know the site is going down on a moment... We just don't know when it will be... Till that moment I'll be here...

Good idea Tee. Who knows when the lights will be turned off?

I really really really hate to upset you all, but I am here for a long time too. So just suffer!!! All of you!!! Particularly Al and Vardy. Will ghost you all next weekend.

I could remove you Phil.....but who would we laugh and laugh and laugh at? Lol.

still here . How is the Wild and Wonderful? Still riding, keep the rubber side down.

I'm staying here until they turn the lights off, or Al kicks me out..... whichever comes first

You're safe Len.

All good here Doc! Tried textn and calling you when I headed up that way, but got no response!

Thanks DREW you got me back for a while. I could not get back on CCC it just went to Competition accessories with a we appreciate you CC members. I even tried the web address and no CC. NOW I"M back lucky you guys???

Lucky??? Lol

Oh it's not Arnold: )

Arnold? Who is this Arnold?


Didn't he run thec Diner in "Happy Days"!!!

Damn, you're right!

You little TV guru you Vardy.

Phil ... I know lotsa useless Sh-1-T

We know.

I'm glad your back Scruffy.

ME too. On both counts I know lots of useless sh-1-t tooo...

Vardy, Phil did the Special High Intensity Training course.....S H I T.

Rack off Noddy!!!!!!!!!

Still here, will be until it closes.

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