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Anyone know the best New LED high low head lamp?

 I have a Harley Davidson sportster, they have the DayMaker but have read many problems with them.
At HD's price, I would be quite frustrated if I had to go back to the dealership to get a replacement whether it was free or not.
There are so many new LEDs out now, most are half the price. I can't imagine Harley's being any better than others being sold now.
Anyone have any first-hand experience with one of the other vendor's LED (high low beam) headlamps?




Dealership prices can get outrageous. Frustrating to say the least. Check Put in your bike's make and model in the search. A lot of the products have reviews you can read. I'm still debating on what to change to myself. I'm thinking a Xenon bulb setup might work for me.

The reviews for the most popular light is not an LED and only three have been sold in the last two years. Not many people have purchased their LED lights on this site.

Anybody got experience anything other than Harley Davidson's LED?

Harley outsources their led Daymakers. I believe they are from JW Speaker. JW has this new light that looks interesting.


It's about time they came up with an intelligent light for corners!
Just looked up where to buy it and their selling at my local shop down the road "Bikers Gone Wild".
Thanks SO much!
I'll post back in a week after riding at night with it Smiley-laughing

OUCH $$$$

I couldn't do it darling!

Orderd a LED light from Amazon. I'll give feedback if anyone is interested after I rode with it.
It has 300+ excellent reviews currently @ $65!

Been saving up for a LED headlight myself. For what it's worth, if anyone is considering the LED headlight from Kuryakyn, it can be gotten a lot cheaper ($100- $150 less!) at an auto parts store. The Kuryakyn light is actually manufactured by Truck-Lite. A friend of mine is a truck mechanic and says these are actually OEM equipment on some of the newer trucks. According to the website, they were tested on military vehicles and are very rugged. This is definitely what I am going to buy, but will get it from a truck/auto supply house and safe the markup.

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