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anyone travell with a dog?

A friend of mine ask me to post this question to the members of CCC. She is requesting any thoughts on carriers available for motorbikes.



A side car is a good dog carrier, what size is the dog? I have a mate travels with a blue healer on the tank and another that has a border collie that travels in a modified plastic dog carrier on his pillion seat another has a tiny dog that travels in either a saddlebag or a canvas bag he has over his shoulder

Kipper has traveled all over Australia on the back like this on 3 different bikes first was a VSTROM then a cruiser and then the BMW now Kip travels in the sidecar fitted to the BMW these days
 photo DSC02078_zps2412dfe7.jpg

 photo DSC02221_zpsa79d7db7.jpg

 photo DSC02440_zps0c8ad3cc.jpg

And Bundy is happy on the tank
 photo 482567-bundy-the-dog_zps239fb288.jpg

 photo 670733-bundy-the-blue-heeler_zps6d737d97.jpg

 photo dog_bundy-1_zpscd6da62e.jpg

Yeah met Bundy & Tex at Gold Coast bike week many yrs ago when I was an Official there ^^, Use to carry my German Sheperd around in my DJP fiber glass one on my 1975 Triumph Trident I-m so happy

Terry is a good mate and does a lot for charity and has done for many years

"Reese" is a mini Dashhound, still a pup but been riding in a sling around the front of my friend. She is the passenger. They ride a V-strum so a side car is out of the quisition. They have a trunk, what comes to mind is a Kennel?? That maybe on top of the trunk???

It's illegal to carry a dog on the tank these days. Ok in a container or box attached to the back or a side car as discussed. Rocky would love to come out with me but Lilly would hate it!!

Ahhh,don't know about the law in Canada. Thanks,.

Just google motorcycle pet carriers. A number of sites and types. Don't know about the laws. Personally have enough to worry about with just me let alone my dog. They can stay home safe.

JJ, there are pet carriers designed specifically for this purpose c/w straps & harness to secure the pooch in it's carrier. I've seen them every year at RFD. Check around.dontbrecall if Kuryakyn makes one.
Hope it helps.

Thanks guys, I'll pass the info on.

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