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Apes, mini apes???

Kicking the idea around of changing my stock bars out on my 07 vstar 1300. I believe the stock bars are a 10" rise but.... the pull back is rediculous lol i dont care for the way the grips are angled back towards me so much. So with that being said im trying to see what other riders have used for bars. Im only looking to go with a 10" or maybe 12" tall bar seeing as how i want to use my stock controls and such.




Welcome to CC from Arkansas. Myself I do not like apes, but to each his own

My throttle hand falls asleep really fast when riding. I think if I had to raise them higher they fall a sleep much faster and take longer to wake up. Thats just me. Besides then you have to buy new cable and brake lines that are longer. It's a price proposition. Just ride it.

Welcomes from Northern California.

I am like Allen not a ape bar guy. My old shoulders won't let me use anything taller than 1-3in.But if you find a set you like and feel like you have not lost any control get them. If you go any higher than 2-3in you will need to get longer cables and hydraulic lines With apes you give up leverage and stopping control. That is the physics of taller bars. Good luck..

I've the same idea about ape bars. I don't think it would be comfortable enough for me to ride. But I can enjoy the looks when somebody else has them on his or her bike...

Please don't knock apes until you try them. If you don't like the look, no problem. But if you're commenting on their comfort, you have no idea until you try them. Depending on how extreme you go in the height, the 12" Apes I have put on my 650 V Star Classic are not only extremely comfortable, but they have actually improved my steering, handling, and made cornering so much more fun. I can easily ride over 750 km in a day with these apes, I know because I've done it multiple times, with more comfort than I had with the stock bars. The trick is that the apes should put your hands at or below shoulder height. Any higher and yeah you risk the discomfort of your hands hanging in the air. But honestly, I completely understand how they might "look uncomfortable" and I wondered the same thing myself, but having them on my bike now, I wouldn't change it for anything, they are so comfortable. When done right.

I wrote this about putting apes on my bike:

I agree with you Dim. Sitting on a motorcycle and working on a computer all day is the same when it comes to comfort, aches, and pains. It is all about the correct ergonomics of the body. Keeping the body ergonomically correct will allow one to ride further and be able to control things better.
Maybe play with this site: An article about it. Good luck on your search.

That's a good analogy Randy, very true. Those are good resources on the topic, thanks for sharing.

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