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Apes or Normal?

Thinking of adding 10" apes to this.  Interested in anyones opinion.  What do you think? Go up? or leave it where she is?


This is a question of personal taste. Few love them, most hate 'em. Your call...

However, imagine yourself taking a 4 hour out - 4 hour back trip. Whether or not you like their looks, the bigger question may be; would the comfort level prevent you from enjoying your bike?

It's you shoulders and wrist that have to hang in the air, so it's your choice.

Na thumbs down to apes just put 5 or 6 inch raisers use your original bars see how you like that it will give it a good look and still be comfy for the longer trips and using the original bars you can adjust them up or down to suite your grip on the bars
Ride safe

I like the bars where they are. Apes never seem comfortable. As others suggested, different risers might be the way to go.

To echo what's already been said, no one can make the decision but you.  Consider this though ... it's going to be YOUR armpits flapping in the air!  LOL!  I happen to like medium ape-hangers, but I would NOT have them higher in the air that what I would be comfortable using on a four hour trip!  Cool

I just put the 12" Hefty Apes on the Vstar and they look and feel great! I would not recommend any higher than 10" or 12" for comfort. I do like them way better than the stock bar possition. Overall it was a 6" difference over stock. What should you do? Great question. G et some feedback and then go with your gut instinct Smiley-laughing


I have run all types of bars on my bikes over the years, and apes are fun for a while, but if you do high miles or like the twisties they are a waste of time. Less control, and more fatigue, so have a good think first.

Like all that has been said, in the end it's your choice, however I do not use them as I find the stock bars on my V Star 1300 very comfortable - maybe I have funny length arms lol - but I do like the control I have in the twisties. My brother runs 14" Apes on his HD and recently completed an 8 hour ride and I think he is now considering going to shorter ones! Another thing to consider when going to Apes is; Your brake lines, electrical cables and accelerator cables!


Another thing to consider, the legal aspect.  Some cops will write tickets for apes.  Depends on where you are, but your handles shouldn't be higher than your shoulders.

i like the wide beach bars for the vt1100c3 apes are kewl but if you actually ride its far more comfortable to grip the bottom of the tank on the port side and throttle on

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