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Are Canadian Customers Getting Any Deals?

Just curious to know other Canadian customers opinions regarding pricing and shipping..are  we  getting any deals?

 I have place 3 orders service has been great but I  have  had  to pay extra(COD) each time an order was delivered and Canada Post cannot  tell we why..there is no documentation on the box to explain where the extra charges come from or to whom the are being paid. All input appreciated.


Contact  ''cliftonking'' on this matter ! I am sure it has something to do with him!

With the amount of my northern neighbors on this site, I AM SURE someone knows

I'm not sure if this is the issue or not, but every time I order anything, from anywhere outside the country we have to pay GST, PST, and duty charges, check this site,. hope it helps



pay duty on item shipped to you out silde your counrty is normal it goes on how much the item is wroth i paid duty on item back in the early 70s in spain and south afica england scotyland plus some have a luger tax too you know bling tax when shipping to other counrtys you get a shipper cost  of what it will be but it just a da list for there are facts they can not take in to count and shipping to the great white noth is a night mare and how lond it takes to get there well let say overnight is a good waste of money and how far out in the bush you live  i can get things to england fast then shipp it to some place in canada  shipping is not fun at both ends you get yell at were is it i shipp it as you asked they get it in two weeks in cananda but 7 day to england the driffen in zip codes is the real big mess see they dont go by your sdreess till it get to your local offica before that it the zip code it the only thing look at if when by you adess it would there get there this is not the 1400 any more only one of you in 1000 mles  but i have to say canada is the worts

Thanks, Clyde! That about sums it up, see Cyruses answer for 20 words or less!lol

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