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are different model gas tanks the same?

So i just picked up a barely used (611 miles) 98 intruder 1400. I knew going into this there would be some labor and money to be put out to get her up and running. The shop i took it to told me that the tank is very rusted. not sure if chemical treating inside would help. he did mention having some welding done, but my best bet is to get a new tank. from what ive found online, the new tanks (if available are 600+. i see alot of used tanks online, but not sure it they work? i found a 94 intruder vs800 tank thank looks great for a fraction. So as my header states, Do different model intruders use same gas  tanks? I really cant find any 1400 gas tanks, and dont wanna shell out 600+. thanks on advance! -Dave




HI Dave and Welcome to the site . I have done this with old rusted tanks. How much rust is in it? If you canbang on the tank and only dust come out that is not tooo bad. On the other hand if chunks fall out then you hat a little more work. First get some small ball bearings 1/4 in or less they are cheap. put them in the tank and shake for all your worth. This will break up the rust that is loose. You will need to do this for a few days off and on 3-5 min at a time. Take a shop vac and vacuum out the dust by shacking and rolling the tank around. Remember this is free just time. There is a epoxy Por 15 you can pore into the tank after you get 80% of the big chunks out. On a bike tank it should take only 1/2 a can (qt) Tape up any holes fuel inlet,outlet , after pouring Por 15 inside the tank roll it around and around until you have the inside of the tank covered. This stuff sets up in about 15-20 min.You have to act quickly. Once it starts to set keep rolling it around until it sets. Then set it aside for 24 hr. NOw you can drill out the inlet and outlet holes. Clean out any threads that may have got covered. Tank is ready for use . This stuff will last as long as you have the bike. I have done this to several bikes and old cars where the tanks are not available or way to expensive. It works and is cheap The Por 15 is about 45$ a Qt. Take a look at this site and search the different years of 1400 to see if the tanks are the same. You may try and look for Pin Wheel salvage yard for bikes they may find you one. Good luck

I'm on the east side in Pasco. Message me if you need more help. I just looked and it looks like all the Intruders have the same tank, same mounts just different gas caps.

To compare gas tanks, you need the part number. The first 4 listings are different additional pieces to the basic tank.
Find the year model for the tank you're looking at and compare the basic tank part numbers.

thanks everyone so much for the help! I will see what i can do and keep everyone posted!! I may have found another option. I know i wanted to keep this as cheap as possible and avoid having to pay 600+ for anew tank but i found a manufacturer of intruder gas tanks that make them enlarged to 5.8 gallons and also give the option of w/o fuel level gauge for $391, or with built in fuel gauge for $478. for almost 6 gallons and an actual fuel gauge... that route may be worth it.

I was never a fan of the fel lite. You never knew when it was out.

Hi ...not sure if you are still looking for the tank ...but I came across the post searched ebay ...found this ad ... 95 SUZUKI INTRUDER 1400 VS1400 FUEL GAS TANK PETROL TANK
...not sure if a 95 will fit...for the price its worth the reseach

Hey sorry for the late reply @Gordo0000 , but thanks for the heads up. I actually found a retailer selling custom 5.8Gal tanks, with or without fuel level guages, specifically for intruders, so i ordered one of those. thanks again tho.

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