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attn Shoei helmet wearers - any break in ??

trying on Shoei Neotec modular helmet.  the medium size is slightly loose.  The small size fits very snug.  Thing is, I'm afraid after an hour or 2 of wear, it will cause a bit of headache.  For those who have bought Shoei helemets, have you noticed in break in and getting just a bit looser?



All helmets should be snug on initial use.
What you should be asking yourself is ,
do i have a shoei head ?

My brother has a Shoei helmet Randy. When we talked about our helmets he said, his helmet fits like half a size bigger after wearing a period of time. Did you try other (Shoei) helmets? I mean, there so many different types........
This article is very useful when determining your head shape,just find a helmet you
have used before and found comfortable. Then look for a helmet you may be interested
in with a comparable shape.
Headaches are usually caused from wearing the wrong shape helmet for your head.

No they stay as they are. Dont just go fro a brand go for a fit . it should be snug and pressure on your cheeks and when you swing your head sided to side the helmet should follow any movement and its too lose. Shoei is a fine helmet I have one and happy but it might not be the fit for you try others. it is as important as selecting your motorcycle.

Thanks for the comments. I have a narrow oval head. and to make matters worse, try to deal with the glasses and hearing aides putting on a helmet. that is why the modular flip ups work the best. that starts to narrow the selection alot. The small size fits snug and no wriggle, but on the forehead I feel just a slight pressure. I'm afraid after an hour or two of wearing I will develop a headache. going to go back to the dealer to see if I can bring it home and wear for 2 hours at home to see if that does it.

Randy my Arai was a bit tight at the front so I very lightly depressed the inside shell with the back of a spoon very very little amount and it's made all the diffence, so comfy now can wear all day. I'd opt for the tighter fit now as it will loosen up.

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Like yourself I'm in between the small and medium Neotec II helmet. I purchased the medium but it's loose. Although the padding is always in contact with my skin, if I turn my head from side to side, I can feel the helmet shifting. I decided to bite the bullet and purchased both the larger cheek pads and the larger centre pad. It's now super snug. I'm hoping that the centre pad will break in as its now relatively tight around my forehead. If all esle fails, I'll reinstall the original smaller centre and live with the larger cheek pads which are fine. Obviously, I prefer to have a tight, comfortable helmet so I'll try to use it and let it break in.

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