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Aussie CCC Rally 2016

Yeah I know it is a long way off but we are putting this one out there to see how much interest there is To begin with. Recently AussieSteve and I had a  discussion when he was on his way to Alice Springs for the Ulysses AGM. He stopped off at Broken hill  and I suggested that we should have a rally there. It's kinda central for most of us and there is a stack of things to see and do there.

Annie and I have been contemplating a SA rally there but thought a full on CCC rally would be much better. Steve, Annie and I will be working out te preliminary plans  and at some stage we will probably do a recce there to check out te accomodation.

As an added bonus ride we are also thinking of doing a longer ride afterwards by heading up to Alice Springs or Uluru (Ayers Rock) for any  overseas visitors who might want to come over. We are thinking the weekend before Easter 2016 so if anyone wants to do the ride up the middle there is  some extra time there to make the trip.

We would appreciate your thoughts on this one any ideas you might have



I would be interested.

sounds a long way off my leg should be OK by then so I will be a starter

Sharon & I an’t been there yet. count us in for sure

I think we are on a winner here guys!

I'm with you on that Steve I-m so happy

Vids please!!!!

Cant have vids yet, we havent been there Gert. Get your dutch backside over here and ride up there with us!

& why your at it, drag that crazy bus driving lunatic with you

Give us a week either side of the Ulysses AGM and Coz and I will be there.

Hé Kelvin...... You mean Dennis??? Smiley-laughing

Al Ill put that in there do you want to go home from Tas via Broken hill? Hell we might even join Ulysses to do the Tas AGM and ride with you back there!

More than likely, but too early to commit. 2016 will be a big year for me one way or the other, as it is the year I am planning to do the Big Lap straight after I retire ...... but still too early to be certain about any of those elements.

Just add this one into the route. Canberra-broken Hill-lakes entrance, Melbourne. Sounds like a logical route

Going round in circles !!

sounds good to me what dose the RALLY ORGANIZER,S have any other places they had in the mines?

Plenty of Silver mines in Broken Hill Lee.....

You could do a day ride to Silverton and visit the home of the Mad Max car and the pub. Whilst in Broken Hill, you must visit the slag heap and sit on the big chair. Will put up a photo later.

A ride to silver ton is almost a definite Gazza.which mine do you want to go to Lee

Yes wrong word there from myself, oh well...................

Mum & Dad are keen.

Day ride t5o Silverton? Are you going to spend all day in the pub Gazza?
Menindee Lakes is not even a day ride. lol

Could be interesting. Still got to land a job before I can plan a holiday, but a trip to Ayers Rock does sound good!

We could do Menindee via Wilcannia and then on to Broken Hill..... except for 155klm of dirt road.
We did some low flying in the ute down that route a few years ago.

Sounds good to me, what about our big lap Tezza?

Jeez Cliffy, Tezza just realised he had a birthday in May, you dont think he will remember the big lap too! Smiley-wink

Just add this into the lap

Decisions, decisions....... will have to discuss cliffy.

Spring 2016 sounds tempting - I'll have to put that on my calendar Smiley-wink

Would be great if you could make it Uwe. Spare bike and place to stay here as well

Beachy, that's why I need to go along with Tezza.

sweet, thanks mate!

Uwe then you could join Tezza and I on our Big Lap straight after.

I rekon I can manage that.i Just have to work out a route for this Queensland boy.

Blacky Dalby, Goondiwindi, Moree, Narrabri, Coonabarabran, Gilgandra, Warren, Nyngan, Cobar, Broken Hill.

This works on my annual trip to the Sunshine Coast, Do you homework because there is a stretch or two that can have you pushing for fuel if you are not careful.

Or you could come the other way down to Adelaide and head up with us


Yeh just had a look at the route. Adelaide might be a good option. Went to Melbourne years ago on the goondi route and also remember a few rough stretches that went for quite a few klms.
Thanks dan prob allow 3 days to get there I recon. Depending on how I feel at time.


I normally go up through Renmark, Mildura, Hay, West Wyalong, Dubbo, Coonabarabran etc and it takes a nice easy 3 days, next trip will be 4 days up because I need to see some new places ;-).

There is a always a bed here for you Brother.


Thanks brother, I will b on that ride it's not that far off. It will go quick.

you do realise it's 2016 not next year blacky


Yeh. In my world that's not long. You know how it in with young kids. Days turn into weeks. That will give me time to kit my bike propably. New bike only good for overnighters at the moment.

Beachy, I was thinking that on the way home from Tassie might be the go for us.......

Yeah that could work Al, it would be a great trip too

Could???? Will!!!!!

Of course it will! Smiley-laughing

sound too good too miss!!

will there much drinking and frivolity????

You would think so !!
Might have to meet up wit u and dan somewhere on th way.

sounds like a plan!!

OOH my head hurts already you 2 Suspects


By the time we are done with ya, you will be beggin for mercy!!!!


not like Mike & Greg I hope


Who who har har har.


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