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Aussie CCC weekend @ Carcoar NSW 13/14 October 2012

Hi Guys,
I hope this post finds you all well.
We have been putting in a bit of thought towards our 2nd annual Sydney CCC weekend get-together and thought we might have another go at another great weekend, so Trish and I spent the past weekend zigzagging across the west and think we have found a great site and venue. I think that all that attended last years gig at Figtree will agree that we all had a great time with good company, which inspired us to give it another shot this year. 

After checking out the Bathurst area, which is pretty central to Sydney and Canberra I fell in love with the historic town of Carcoar, about 53klms South-West of Bathurst. Carcoar is 214klms from Penrith travelling along the Bells line road and about 240klms from Canberra.
You can see where Carcoar is from this link:
I checked out accomodation and spoke in detail with Ross at the Royal Hotel and he has offered us (as a group) $85 per person which will include Sat night dinner, room and a cooked brekky Sunday morning. He has told me that he can get a guitar playing singer for the night as well and would ask us to chip in if we decided to go ahead, likely to cost less than $10 per head.
The pub can accomodate 7 couples and about another 15 singles (shared rooms), share bathrooms.

The deal Ross has offered us would be done as a group booking as opposed to the usual individual private bookings as in past meets, so I will take the bookings by email. When you book with me, please indicate whether you will be in a couples room or a shared single (some bunks). 

Rooms are very limited, this is a small country pub and will fill up very quick and if you intend to come along, first in best dressed, firm bookings only please.

There are a few B&B's in town which we can use in case of overflow or something a bit more oppulent but these will be a lot more expensive and I would ask you to make your own booking.
Having said this....I have booked the whole pub for us until we can give him a definite numbers in the coming weeks.
Here is the Royal Hotel's link:
The date.....
After considering the warmer weather, the NRL grand final, the long weekend 29-30-01 Sept/Oct and steering clear of the Bathurst V8 race 06-07 Oct....We have settled on Sat 13th and 14th October. 
The itinery for those leaving Penrith is 9.00am Sat 13th @ Peachtree Hotel carpark >Lithgow>lap or three of the race circuit @Mt Panorama>lunch @ the Knickerbocker Hotel in Bathurst>Carcoar dam>a gentle meander taking in the sights to Carcoar pub. Sunday morning could be set aside for siteseeing the great little town with its fantastic historic shops, machinery museum and heaps more. Orange is only about 60klms away for wine and cherry lovers and old Milthorpe is in between Carcoar and Orange.
For those coming from Canberra and beyond it would be great to meet you anywhere along the line or at Carcoar itself.
I, personally am very excited about this trip. It has makings of a great weekend getaway without having to take time off work.

Please email me back if you have any questions or to make a booking.


Cheers! Steve. 0421 542 049



Thanks Steve.....I know I have to tell you something....Oh yeah... Coz and I are THERE!

Tezza and Jules too.

Got you many bloody rooms do you guys want? LOL

Just one.... I'm good with numbers Steve. I workeds in a bank remember. lol
Man, do you come home for lunch these days or did some one steal your VTX today?

Hahaha Al! You know that note don't you? I had to come home and take Trish to the Dr's.

Iam in steve ................but I will not share a room with Al or anyone who knows him .

No worries Mark, I have you booked in.

Al's not mowing your lawn is he Steve? Smiley-wink

I don't blame you Mark..

That would be good if Al wanted to come over and mow actually. Al's safe.

Booking out quick guys! Just 1 couples room in the pub left!

All this talk of couples rooms sounds like a 70s swingers party LOL.

Tony, it probably would be if you to speak....

mark is booked in

see ya there

Wish I could be there. Have a great time all. Good work Steve.

Steve / Trish Thanks for the all the leg work on this Meet .

No Steve... saw you on the freeway. lol Hagar, as much as Coz likes you, I don't think the 3 of us in a bed would work... unless you have wagon wheels......

al, you know me

Wish it wasn't so far away. Hope you all travel safe and have a great time

Hope you all have a wonderful time Smiley-laughing

some of as have to work Kat

Is that what you call it Hagar? lol

6 days and thats the best you can do ???

So we would be traveling from the north coast NSW come halfway on the friday if any one wants to join us Hubby and I. And pubs all booked by now I guess? Or do I just contact the royal to check.

Hi Jane, We have 1 couples room left and some singles as well.
Please let me know if you would like me to keep rooms for you and private message me your details. It would be great to have you along!

hagar.... I've been busy...and a little off colour....stop pickin' on me.....

What colour are you now I was told "PRUSE"?

You talkin' riddles again Wayne? lol

Sorry to here you havent been well me neither didnt feel too flash last Friday and was crook till Wednesday Still not over whatever completely but certainly inproved. I get very short breath some times.
Hope your on the mend mate.
Ar well another discussion taken some where else.We just need a chat line

Hey Steve - sorry for the delay in getting back to you - have had some issues to sort out. I have sent you a separate Message. Count me in for the 13th and 14th! Single room. October/November going to be very busy: Carcoar 13-14; National HOG Rally here in Canberra 19-21; on the road for the MotoGP 24-29; Snowy Ride 3-4 November.

Hey Pete, sounds like my calender! Great to have you along. Booked in!

Hey - Hagar, Buddah - you going? If so, can I tag long with you?

yah yah maybe we can have a chat about next MAY Peter

May discussion would be good. : )

I know the bugger is always doing something to do with his JOB or flying off to places you can't get to by bus .

and then he spends a weekend with his Missus ????

Geez! Having the position he is in, you would think that he would be able to prioritise properly.

Steve are you talking about the position on the weekends or his work position....either way I reckon someone else looks after his priorities. lol

Geez! Give me a break!! If I don't take care of the lady of the house she won't be all that keen about letting me indulge in my motobike fetish.

You have fetishes? lol

What are your other fetishes Pete? Smiley-wink

Nil - very boring public servant!!

Ah... I forgot it's the Pollies that wear the suspenders and stockings under their suits. lol

Have a great time guys we wont be making it Have a very unexpected surprise from Tax man. But will be reading all about it this trip, and the next one we will look forward to coming.

Hey Jane, no worries, I know what that is like.
Next time you are near Penrith look us up!

Steve...can you see Penrith from your place?

I can see the tax office and Panthers.
I know you can because you are in Emu Plains Heights.

Yes, we're 1.5 meters higher! lol
I can see Trish waving at me...I think it's my tax bill from last year.......

Thought I would spark this up again! It is just over a month away now and we still have rooms left if anyone is interested.

I wanna go but the minister of finance said I can't. Bugger. I will try and organise a swag weekend in Victoria instead


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