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Aussie Rally Charity Results

The final tally is now available for the charity funds raised by the Aussies at their 2013 rally.

Aussies,  be proud, be very proud.


Now, over to you guys in the USA.



Great idea and lots of fun

Well done everyone. Great effort for 36 people and 3 days.

Well done all

wow, that is a great start!!!
The challenge is on!

Well done to all at Angaston!

Great outcome Aussies! And all the while having a great time.

Well done to all - was a good thing to do!

That's a great result but I think she should have done one more day. By the way who was it that won the undies again?

Beachy,one more day of Karen as fine master and we would've been run out of town.

Phil, any news on giving the money to the local charity?

Wasn't she bloody good at that?? Career for life?

Lets not forget Adams effort. He did a great job too.

We couldn't afford to run out of town if she did. We would be using the bikes out of town

Very true. It was his early efforts that made everybody decide they couldn't put up with Karen as well!!

Excellent effort from all of you im sure some group will really appreciate your donation

Great time and good result!!

That was a great result!

Hey !! its only about 360 sleeps till the next one , how about that ?

Zzzzzz! Still resting from last weekend....

Beachy, I think Phil posted a pic over the donation handover.
Great work to all that took part. Good to see a local charity benefit.While Salvo's etc have a bigger distribution area, they also have a large catchment area.

Yes I saw the pic and we also got mention in the CC tip of the week newsletter along with Vardy's pic of the bike on the plains.

Nice job everyone

It's a good idea to do fund raising. Will benefit many not just some.

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