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Aussie weekend August 3 and 4 into 5

Calling all Aussies,

I am organising an impromptu get together at the Castle Motel in Castlemaine, Victoria.  I am arriving Friday 3rd August and heading home Sunday 5th August. 
Castle motel phone number is 54722433.  There will be some who have been to Ararat previously and some who have been to our CCC and not the CCC rallies.
We need some new blood as I am getting bored with the likes of wolfye and his excessive drinking, Cruizon with his excessive dope smoking (Just joking, because he doesn't really smoke Hagar1) and Dim with her complusion for pinching other peoples bikes.
Ring and book and look forward to seeing you there.  A good time is guaranteed.  Feel free to contact me if you need information.



Like Rob, I too wish that I could be there but it is too far at this stage. Which gets me thinking just how many members do we have in West Aus.?

Terry. the big one is the Barossa Valley in 2013. Lucky57 is coming over i think. Catch up with him and confirm it and plan a ride across the Nullabor together. Take your time and enjoy the whole thing. This is just a weekend because we need one!!

Worth thinking about, maybe I could talk my brother and some of his mates in coming along for the ride

Unfortunately to far for me....!

I need to start having to have a serious look at saddlebags and gearsack that will fit with the sissy bar and rack that I have already installed on the M

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated

Just make sure you get a good one Terry, I just replaced mine with a Jardine quick release and it is fantastic. The other one snapped from movement whereas the Jardine had hand grips that also act as stability for the brackets.

Hmmmm August, could be time for another long ride by then, no guarantees but I'll make it on the calendar? It's only about 7 hours from here, c'mon Rob, Folbz, you aren't going soft are you?

Would love to Phil but can't get any more time off work than already approved ... so too far to go and come back in weekend - 8 hours each way.

Can't get anymore time off work till October.....dammit !

Hi Phil, I added it to the "CCC member rides" section on the homepage. If I get my time travel machine working again we'll be there Smiley-wink

Thanks Uwe. Find a decent mechanic this time. Msee you the.

I wouldn't worry, I don't think your bike will act up anymore now that's it's white instead of orange Smiley-wink

Ha bloody ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! The meanie never breaks down. It is only a case of inferior products not coping with the power of such a machine. I was infact refering to your time machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you knew that didn't you???

I'd come, but the Spacemonkey is planning to take me to Castlemaine that weekend - oh wait, yeah see you there LOL

I plan to be there but I really wish you wouldn't warn people about my compulsion, makes it harder to sneak their set of keys... although usually people do forget to look down and I get by under the radar.

I must say I do have my eye on a pearl white beauty this year....

Sorry no can do :(

Yeah sorry Phil, saving for March 2013 4 day, want my daughter & i to have plenty $ to just keep up to you guy's. lol lol lol

hi all my first time on CCC but have been a site member for 12 months, would be great to catch up with any one for a ride in CQ.

Tessa, i distribute a range of riding gear on the side of my normal work and currently getting web site up, i ride a M109 myself and run throw overs and rear bag set that suits a similar bar that you are running, would be happy to send some pics if your interested of how they actually look on the bike.

Hi Dodger41. I organise a couple of Rallies for CCC members each year. Next years annual event is in the Barossa Valley. SA. We also have a small one in Ararat Vic in January. If you are interested in anything get in touch, Keep active on the site too. It can be fun.

Will I go or will I stay ......I really need to get away .

That's up to you. You are a big boy now. You can make up your own mind. Don't forget to ask your Teddy if he wants to come too. He can play with the headpet!!

Would love to be there Phil but it's just a bit much for us. Hope you guys have a great time....will there be any doubt about that? lol

So, Al, when are you Sydney boys going to organise a weekend get-together that we can join from Canberra?

Hey guys Annie and I will be heading to Canberra the queens birthday week end for a week. Would be good to catch up with a few of you.

Would love to Beachy but I'm overseas on business from 8 - 15 June. Buddha, Hagar, Kelvin .... are you around?

let me know Adrian I have mondays and tuesdays off I would love to show you around if thats what you need or meet for coffee are you going to be on the bike or in a car .

Hagar, I'll be in the car this time, my son lives there so I know my way round but would be good to catch up for a coffee. Guess Vary is just getting out of his shout Smiley-wink

Oh, shit, you've heard how tight I am ... bad reputations travel far and fast! I'll buy you a coffee (or a beer) in the Barossa next March!

Yeah definitely interested

Sorry, I was replying to Dodger 41's offer of photos and added info regarding saddlebags I am definitely interested

Only one Vardy lets not get to carried away.

What a non Aussie can't come and ride? But don't worry, I have another ride planned at that time. A 3600 mile round tripper to visit my parents, several friends, and pass through the Sturgis rally in South Dakota.

Anyone who can get here with a bike is more than welcome to ride with us. Anyone.

tezza1...check the West Australian tribe....but of course this will only show those that joined it and not all the members in WA

Terry, I went to members and searched just "Australia"....there are 3857 members listed. Some show only "Australia" as where they live. I did start to extract a list...of WA members....but 3857 is too many to sift through. lol Try it with Western Australia.

Hmmmm, 3857 is quite a lot of members to troll through,,,,,,, so many members such little attention span LOL

Yes tezza...I went through the first 25 pages.........


What has attention span got to do with it, aren't we talking abut Kat's carpet and curtains now.... Ohh hang on this is abut a bike ride. Funny I should mention that, Rob rod past me on his bike with the new pipes today, sounded sweet.

Robs got new pipes??? We should hear him talking even better now, OH, you menat his bike. Wacko :$ Wacko

Oh Beachy's cheap, he'll give any body praise, Long as he gets it back tho, Don't smoke wackie tabackie any more mate, Cough Cough, No more green in the throat except for the actual frog. Wacko :$ Wacko

On South road near Honda world, I was thinking of ducking in between the lanes of traffic to catch up to you but the Ute wouldn't fit and I was stuck behind a 4 wheeled Shadow (Prius). Don't think they charged the batteries today

I think you might be right about Allan and his pipe too!

Hey, Enough of insulting the Shadow's with cages, Have some respect Bro. LOL LOL LOL

Sorry I missed this, too far for us this time.
Vardy, we will probably organise a Sydney run when the weather warms, wouldn't get too many takers at the moment...

I missed this too Steve. I'm saving for next year.

Barossa and Hervey Bay have my cash at this time. Yeah, warmer weather Steve ...We could do something closer in NSW

vic wont be warm enough for me to do 800 ks from here in August however if weather not bad may be in for a ride.
Certainly hope to make at least one run with you blocks in Sydney and maybe a couple more if possible.
Nearly a 600 k trip with no other riding to Sydney return.

Buddah....we'll organise something halfway.....Liverpool? lol


What? You're in Wollongong? lol


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