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Aussies to Ararat

The annual Ararat ride is now confirmed as being on the last weekend in January for all Aussies who wish to join us.  We are staying at the Chalambar motel and there are approximately 4 rooms left.  Their phone number is 03 53527050.  Most are arriving Saturday and leaving Monday but 1 or 2 will get there Friday so they can get a head start with the drinking.

There is a ride to Halls Gap planned for one day and a ride to the Golf/Bowls club many times.  Breakfast on the Sunday will also be at one of the usual places.

Anybody who wishes to make it can contact the motel directly and it would be good from a planning point of view if you could let me know also.

It is worth noting that it is only 6 weeks before the Barossa Valley CCC ride.  Hope to see as many as possible there.  It really is a great, casual weekend.  Just watch Hagar when he attacks the port!!!!!!!!!



Great idea Phil. Wish we could make it but alas...too many longer trips in a short time frame for us. We have to spread out my pension you know. lol

Thanks Phil, Rally Organiser.
We are booked the Fri/Sat/Sun nights and looking forward to it!
See you up there... but see you even sooner.

Long weekend it sounds like it could be a goer

Just had a look at the Chalambar motel site and there are no rooms left Beee

Hey Dan - give them a call anyway and let them know you're with our group to see if anything's left. Who knows maybe they just reserved them for us....?

That is exactly what happened too. Also, the booking sites are usually run by people like wotif etc. They don't put anything up until it is within tehir time frame and only afetr talking to Christine. Same issue at the Angaston motel. When I spoke with Christine last week there were 3 or 4 room s left.

Phil, the accomodation olwners/ management can block off what rooms they have already sold/booked or reserved for groups such as ours. The sites such as Wotiff, Need it Now etc can only access the available info. And yes, the sites can only access certain blocks of dates.

Better check with the boss on this one but I recon we can do that one, after all Arrarat is a suburb of Adelaide, isn't it?

A spit and a stones throw from your place. Ring Christine at the motel and tell her you are part of the rough tough bikie gang that go there and terrorise the other motel guests!!!! She will love you for it!! She has even got us as a photo on her home page for the motel!!!!!

I'm waiting on confirmation from the higher authority at the moment but I will be there.

But I just gave you confirmation!!! What more do you want???? ( Don't tell her I said that will you???)

The long week end? Expect a call from Christine

I did not take the wrong bloody pills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can read Phil!! Smiley-laughing

Good on you Annie. What will we do with him???????????????? Christine at the motel has now been put straight. She is giving him a room at the other end of the block!!!

Ha ha did I say that? Ohh yeah that's right I did

I am the master of pills. I will need to get you some I can see!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Christine giving him a SINGLE room at the other end of the block? Better see if there's a room for me too then Smiley-laughing

I am trying to get her to give him a tent!!!!

She did mention finding a room for her dog so Phil can book the doghouse... Again

I have a permanent reservation for that kennel!! They are building a veranda for the Meanie!!!

What pills did you have in mind for Beachy? I might have to get a supply from you !!

You need different ones to him. You have to put up with him. Totally different meds needed for that!!!

We are booked, getting there Friday leaving some time later that year depending on the amount of beverages and pills consumed

Do you mix your habits?????????????????????????

No there are at least 3 nights so I have one night without pills or alcohol. Hmmm what to do on that night?

Without pills or alcohol????????????????? You're weird!!!!

No comment! BiggrinI-m so happy

But he did mix his habits.... he wore the Sunday mass one on Friday..... the Friday one on Tuesday.......

The only habits I mix these days is which bike to ride/buy.

So ...are there more habits?

so what is the number count for this ride now?

I give up!! What is it????????????????

only 5 but I know of 2 who haven''t booked yet. I will contact them tonight.

Sorry Phil didnt I give you enough time to get your socks off so you could count them up?

He couldn't decide which foot he neede the one with 5 toes or the one with 6.....

counting down now Smiley-laughing

Don't you bloody start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think he meant your toes Phil !!!!!
He is just getting excited at the thought of seeing you again and spending time with you!!! Biggrin

yea Phil, Im hurt now. Was planning on calling in Plaza DeCole and riding there with you Cray 2

Casa Del Cole and you are more than welcome to call in, the two of you can stay the night and we can ride to Ararat together. Just don't do a bloody count down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wont be there, I have a stupid sister that has decided to come to town for a week ......

That's a bugger, we will catch up one day Dan. It took the best part of 3 year for me to catch Phil Cole, and before Phil says it...... Nah no regrets

Oh. Didn't know that!!

He lies.....



Wasn't me. I didn't know how long it took.

Can't tell time?


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