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Aussies Rock Sturgis

My Friends The Babes (South Australian Rock Band) Are playing at this years 2018 Sturgis Rally, So if you are going, go up & say Hi, They would love to meet you, My friend Moni (The Drummer) Has a Motorcycle front end in front of her drum kit & The Light Flash's & the Wheel spins as she is playing, Go the Aussies.



Wish I could make it. Tell them to give us about 3 years then maybe, lol

We will be there a month before the rally. That would be fun

Wayne are you taking Peter through Sturgis? be sure to take him on 16A he'll love that ride

That is where we are heading on the way home. Not much for the freeways. We will be on the old HY's and county roads.

Peter and Wayne will have way more fun when all the bikes aren't there crowding up the roads. There will still be a fair amount of tourists though.

True Randy. I.always had more fun before the rally

The Sturgis Rally is not on my bucket list. Cant think of a worse environment for a "rider

You are so correct Peter. If you want to get out and truly ride, it is not that. The ride is congested. It is for people who like to party, sit back and people and bike watch.

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