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Australian Indian Scout Price Drop


Lucky Terry!!!!

Go Tezza! Get colour to ride to work, another to cruise on.

Hmm ... still a lot of money for an 1100cc cruiser. The $1400 exhaust freebie probably swings the deal, though

Don't tell anyone but I put a deposit on one last Saturday.

Bewdy mate! Enjoy !

Congrats Tezza Dirol

Congratulations, look forward to seeing it on the Hogs ride!
Being a Scout does that mean you will be out front rather than at the back of the pack,,,Lol

Thanks guys. Dub, I only get in front if I know where I'm going. That's why I'm always at the back. Smiley-wink

Tezza, Let's just say it's part of the adventure!!
You may find this interesting Tezza

Thanks Matt. I've watched and saved.

Well done you'll be the guy at the front with your ear to the a true Indian scout.

Thanks Al. Not when you have a GPS. Smiley-wink

Look fwd to seeing you on the new wheels. Smiley-laughing

Thanks Steve. I look forward to actually riding it.
Still got a bit to go on my knees recovering. Hope to pick it up end July.

Well done mate. I will take care of it for you until you are ready to ride it, even if takes months, imam that kind of guy.

Steve, you can look but I will hide the key. Smiley-wink

Congrats Tezza, only a little envy here. Very happy for you and can't wait to hear how you find it once it's in your garage.

Thanks Dim. I know you have your eyes on one.
Will do a report when I get a couple of rides in.

What? They've let you on the ROAD?

Awesome thanks Tezza! I would love it even more if you're well enough to ride it down to Alexandra next March! Smiley-laughing That might give me the kick up the butt to finally stop talking about one and do something about it !!

Dim....what's happening in Alexandra?

I'm sure we have other plans for that date. Waiting on confirmation later this year.

Shhhhhhhhhhh I think Al heard

Heard what?

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