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Australian motorcycle sales: First Quarter 2017

Motorcycle and ATV sales suffered a significant hit over the first three months of 2017.

The latest sales data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) shows that 21,794 new motorcycles, scooters and ATVs/SSVs were sold in Australia over the first quarter of this year, the number equating with a hefty drop of 13.4 per cent compared to the corresponding period last year. The figures come after an exceptionally buoyant 2016 – a year in which the industry recorded its best annual result since 2009.

The first quarter of 2017 saw drops recorded by road bikes (down 15.5%), off-road bikes (down 15.3%) and the ATV/SSV segment (down 1.3%). Scooter sales fell sharply, experiencing a decline of 22.3% off the back of several years of eroding sales.

The road bike market continues to be led by Harley-Davidson, which accounted for 2261 sales in the first quarter, followed by Honda (1943) and Yamaha (1455). In the off-road market, Yamaha leads with 1734 units, followed by Honda (1467) and KTM (1393).

Polaris leads the ATV/SSV market with 1244 units, followed by Honda (908) and Yamaha (845), while Piaggio retains top slot in the scooter market with 293 sales, trailed by sibling brand Vespa (240) and then Honda (198).

The top-selling bikes in each individual category were as follows:

Overall (excl. Honda NBC110): Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout
ATV: Polaris Sportsman 570
Road (excl. Honda NBC110): Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout
Cruiser: Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout
Scooter: Piaggio Fly 150
LAMS ... (learner legal) (excl. Honda NBC110): Harley-Davidson Street 500
Supersport: Honda CBR500R
Touring: Harley-Davidson FLHXS Street Glide Special
Off-road: Honda CRF450R
Sportstouring: Yamaha YZF-R3A
Adventure touring: Honda CRF1000
Naked: Honda GROM
Enduro: WR450F
Motocross: Honda CRF450R
Fun: Kawasaki KLX110
Farm: Suzuki Trojan
Trail: Suzuki DR-Z400E

Note: NBC 110 excluded as it is purchased in bulk quantities by Australia Post for postal services.




So how do you Aussies like the f-35? What do think of Trump? His first weeks in office is like watching an episode of "Designated Survivor". You guys get that show? How come you guys don't buy Triumph? You would think so as you guys were once part of it empire. I guess I'll have to check out the Harley FXSB Breakout. I use Trojan but I don't know if it's Suzuki.

I bet Randy would like the Honda GROM

I bought a bike. I helped the national economy!!! I will ride it one day. I hope!!!!!!!

Drew, we do buy Triumph. Lots of them.
We get Designated survivor on Netflix. I have been watching it but it's a bit bloody slow moving!!!!!!
The Breakout is a good bike in spite of the fact it is a Harley. What more can I say?

Aren't you supposed to be on an aeroplane !!??

Breakout is a great bike ... esp in CVO format. However, if you like leaning your bike over a bit and fanging it through the twisties, probably not the right bike for that. I found that the fork rake didn't give me the ground clearance I need for "robust" cornering!

I found the rake helped me get into the corners of the all the leaves....
So, a Breakout would be the ideal bike for me. The chicken strips on the sides of my tyres are bigger than anything available at KFC.

Ever thought of doing stand up comedy Al ... you're a natural ... would give you the chance to really break out !

Drew ... Triumph is doing well in Australia. Its just that individual models didn't sell in enough volume to make the stats I posted above.

As to the F-35 ... Australia has committed to buy 72. They will start arriving by late 2018 and two Squadrons will be operational by 2020. The commitment to replace our F/18s with the F-35s is not without controversy ... delivery delays and cost blowouts have seen to that. RAAF pilots are doing conversion training in Arizona.

As to President Trump ... the American people voted him into office; I respect that and make no specific comments. What does bother me, however, is that if he starts a war with North Korea, it wont be the USA that takes the first hits from North Korean nukes it is likely to be South Korea, Japan and Australia.

Yep. Those concerns about North Korea...I'm with you Peter.
Stand up comedy? I'd never make a living....and my bones are too brittle to survive too many beer can attacks.

I didn't vote for Trump, thought he's say the wrong thing and start a war or suicides. But I didn't like the other gal either. Trump won by states, not the popular vote. Seems that our founding fathers didn't want a person with charm to win a close race. Well I think South Korea, Japan, and Australia were puckered already by North Korea, as least now North Korea can be puckered, too. It's not easy feeling some guy is threatening to wipe the US out. We should all move to New Zealand.

Probably best we put politics in the broom cupboard, lock the door .... and just go for a ride.

I'm heading to Tasmania!

Have you got your extra head Vardy? You don't want to look like a tourist. Have a good trip man.

Al ... I meant instead of New Zealand ... to escape North Korean nukes !! LOL

Lol. I'm fatigued...been at work in the garden and bike area all morning. And you know I' m not used to work......

Speaking g of politics. Found a great liquor store with great wines. Then followed that up with dinner of the most tender lamb I have ever eaten.

What's political about that Phil....did you have a WHITE wine instead of RED? Lol

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