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Back patch

Hi there, everyone, I am new to this forum. I have designed a one piece back patch as I would like to start the process of starting a new MCC in my area and it is an MCC, not an MC and it has no territory patch whatsoever. The colours for the patch that I designed, are a darker shade of gold for the background shaped like a shield, dark red for the picture and black border and lettering and it is also under my copyright. Would that be a problem with the established MCs. Please advise. Thanks.



Not sure about by your, but here we need to present to the reining 1% club in the area and get permission to start a club

That is interesting Valerie but I can understand why!

Hi Chains welcome to the forum from Canberra Australia.
I would suggest firstly, get yourself a bike and work out what sort of bike and riding you prefer then join a riders group in your area to see how it all works in other groups.
Perhaps you have a chat with the British Motorcycle Federation, just a thought.
Btw There was a great 70's blues band called Chain in Australia, check it out.

Dub, I'm not totally clear on it, but it comes down to power and control. The clubs that I am familiar with here have an annual pittance they pay the top 1% club in the area for the privilege of being a patched club. This is one reason I'm a loner

Interesting comment Val.

I wouldn’t do a back patch. Living here in Holland already two MC’s are forbidden by law. Now the covernment wants also to make an end with the Hells Angels in Holland. I had already trouble wearing a little member patch, my Bloody Idiots member patch! I never wear a vest with patches anymore, I have my jacket as a kind of souvenier and keep it with my other bike stuff and clothes... some of the patches are in a frame on the wall. I cann’t tel, anything about other countries, I only know about Holland but living and riding here, I would never wear a backpatch...

Any Back Patch will attract the attention of the LAW & The 1% Clubs - Great advice from Dub -
Regards & Ride Safe when you get yourself a Motorcycle ...
frostbite (Greg).

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