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Hey everybody, I've got a 2002 VStar 1100 classic. When I decelerate it pops and farts. I have slip-on tail pipes, I found one of them isn't tight on the pipe, and icant tighten it any more, cause the clamp is maxed out. Could this be the cause of my backfiring?




Do you still have the AIS installed?
It's possible that the air leak combing with un-burned fuel could cause the back firing.
Did the clamp come with the slip-ons?
Can you tell if it is only happening in one pipe?

thats what they do rich sometimes

Welcome to the community Scortch.
From Penrith, NSW Australia.

Could it be a maladjusted choke?or timing or maybe a loose something or other? Has anyone had this motogastric problem with farting tailpipe upon deceleration ?would a new set of plugs maybe act like prilosec? I recently acquired this yamafart cruiser. I'm sure the plugs are maybe original. I may have to get a permit to excavate the plugs.have the feeling that maybe they loose some of that youthful spark,much like, some guys..
........Not me of course.....can anyone help me, cure my decelerative Fartage.?

Thanks, Edwin, I think it is partially disccumbobulated. There maybe a pin hole or 2 in the chrome tubing it is pretty rusted in spots, so could pinholes in this metal tube, cause my motoreticulitas.?

Yeah, me to, if their not screamers or cop callers.

I'm currently commentless, I may squeeze and pinch out a comment sometime,.... Or not, I'll do it if I want to later,.. ..yer not the boss of me. Fu\respectfully,vincent ...bavoom, rumpump splash, Kirk


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