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bad idle

I bought a 06 road star 1700 with 7000 miles a couple weeks ago and am having an idling issue. It cranks just fine and idles ok when cold, but as soon as it warms up I have to keep adjusting the idle adjustment knob to keep from idling too high, and then its too low. I go back and forth and never can get it just right. I replaced the plugs with the recommended plugs by the manuall and it seemed ok at first, but after 15 minutes of cruising, it starts to idle too high again. The person i bought it from said he just put in a new air filter, but i am going to pull tank and check it this weekend.The bike is 12 yrs old and only has 7000 miles, so i guess it has sat up alot. I have ran some cleaner thru the tank, maybe it,s time for seafoam. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



This is a diagram of your carb. I would get some Sea-foam and run a can through the tank. if that does not clean it up. You may have to clean the carb out. First take the fuel plug out and drain what fuel is in the bowl. reinstall do both carbs. Check the carb heater it is located on the filter side just below the carb inlet. Check for voltage and that it works. If this has been setting for any time Old fuel really makes bikes do very strange things.

Thanks for the help, but i think my 1700 has only 1 carb, if i am wrong, i need to spend more time under the tank. When i first got it, it ran sluggish and backfired every time i turned it off. Bu t the more miles i put on it, it gets better and better, except for the idle.

You may want to check the fuel pump PSI. Replace the fuel filter.

Your correct you only have one but the same stuff applies.

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