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Baron Apes and Cables for Boulevard C50

i'm looking to purchase 16" baron apes on my boulevard c50 but haven't seen anywhere that sells a set of cables for them, any advice or know somewhere that sells them.  Thanks



Contact Barnett directly to inquire about your custom application.

Barnett Tool & Engineering
2238 Palma Drive
Ventura, CA 93003

Phone :  (805) 642-9435
Fax :  (805) 642-9436
E-mail : 




Office Hours :  8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.- PST- Monday- Friday




Added 16" apes to my 2008 C50.

Got Throttle/idle Cables and Clutch from Barnett.

Clutch goes on with ease although I might've been able to get away w/ less than +12 over stock.  Better to have more slack than not enough.  I learned to eliminate the slack is to simply find the LONGEST route to get from clutch lever to clutch.  Otherwise, no problems as of yet.  Just need to fine tune the adjustment.

Throttle/Idle cables route easily and attach to throttle body just fine.  

Everything is routed and looking lovely. Throttle casing and grip are removed. Now, I have no clue how to attach the 90 degree fitments from Barnett.  The OEM cables have this plastic guide that fit perfectly into the throttle housing.  The Barnett ones are either too thick or the wrong ones altogether.  I've placed an inquiry to their techs to ensure I received the right cable and will hopefully hear from them soon. 

So ensure you got the correct fitments on the lever side of your throttle/idle cables. 


Ride safely.  

Where did u find a 12+ cable set wanting to put 18 or 20 on a c50 boulevard

Looking to change my stock handlebars on my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50 to 13in Junior Kong Bars. I know I will have to change out the throttle and clutch cables for longer ones. Seeing if you guys can help me out with that?

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