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Battery trouble

Left the key on like an idiot and killed the battery. Jumped it with a power box someone in the parking lot had. After the 20 min ride home I turned off the bike and it would not start again. Two days later I hooked the jumpers up to my wife's Chevy traverse with it turned off and got the bike to start. I then went on a 45 min ride in an attempt to charge the battery. Once I turned the bike off it wouldn't start again. Any ideas what it could be or what my first trouble shooting steps should be ? Battery is not even 2 months old.




First, check and clean the battery terminals and connections. Is there a shop near you where they can do a load test on the battey. Do you have a multimeter? You would need it to check what your charging voltage is and so on.

my brother jumps hi goldwing every spring and it always seems to work. maybe take to a shop and get it lad tested, did you check the main fuse?

Sometimes when your battery goes dead like that it actually goes dead and won't take a charge. Been there a few times.

I had that happen, but the battery was 6 years old. Put a voltmeter on it to check or get a battery tender or a battery charger and see if it will charge over four days. Battery go dead they are damaged and can't recharge. That's why a battery tender for times you not riding is important. It could be you recharging system on you bike isn't working, but that would be unlikely. Most batteries have a one year warrantee. See if you can have them replace it if it's only 2 months. Develope a step by step shut down procedure and recite it every time you shut your bike down. Thats how I make sure I never forget to do it again, because when mine went dead I was an hour away from home shopping. Fortunately, I was in a parking garage upper floor and was able to push to the downward ramp and clutch started it. Got home and battery wouldn't start bike after a hour ride home.

One more thing, you can search the web for a battery that has more CCA than the one you have. It just has to fit on your bike. I did that on my vstar and went from 130 CCA to 200 CCA which helps start the bike more times when it wont start for some other reason. I believe you bike has a 230 CCA so no real need unless you feel it is something you might want.


Hi Matthew,
Sorry to hear that you are having battery trouble. Although your battery is two months old, you didn’t mention what type and brand that it is. Not all batteries are equal. In fact, there are a lot of “bargain” batteries for sale online that are nothing but trash.

The first thing you should do is put your battery on a trickle charger and have a shop load-test it. If by some chance you bought one of those “bargain” batteries, it might be a good idea to just replace it with a quality battery—this is not the place to skimp. I personally like Yuasa AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. Yuasa manufactures high quality batteries while many others are simply manufactured by someone else with a different label on them—possibly made in some third-world nation. Once you know that you have a solid battery (that meets the amperage specs in your owner manual), you should check the charging system. Your service manual (I’m sure you have one, right?) will tell you what the charging specs should be and troubleshooting is very simple.

Lastly, batteries don’t like being discharged. So, as Drew mentioned, invest in a Battery Tender brand float charger. I have many of them and keep everything (bike, trailer, tractor, etc.) plugged in all of the time, regardless of how long I think that the machine will be parked. They will not over-charge the battery but will keep it at peak voltage which will increase the life of the battery.

Good luck, and remember, stay away from the “bargain” batteries. They may seem like a good deal at first, but if you’re left stranded, what would you pay at that point to get going? Hope you get it all sorted out.

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