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BBQ at Ben,s

HI. It is Here. If you can't make it to Ben's place in Chataroy, WA come on down to mine in Pasco,WA. Have a great 4th and ride safe. send me a message and I'll send you my address. There is a local car and bike show with live band 50-80's music, Free too!! then the fire works about 10pm on the river or just set at my place and watch. Some food too come hungry..Wayne..




counting down, had to get some rib racks so can fit all the ribs in the smoker, see you at my place Wayne.

u guys get a long weekend into the bargain as well dont ya??

if i PM my address, can i get some ribs sent over?? they sound great!!!

Grant we might be able to send you some bones,empty beer bottles. I don't think those Canadians will leave anything on the table. Have a great weekend Grant. It's the 4th of July for us.Party time!!! I'll eat some for you and drink just a few

Hey Wayne, u and the rest have a good weekend, and all of u make sure you all stay safe!!

Her Wayne would love to come up but I kinda enjoy getting paid so I guess I'll have to take a rain check but thanks anyway.
Do you think you can post a scratch and sniff picture of the BBQ when its done?! Lol

LOL. Good one Greg. Would love to but I'm flying to Vancouver for a check up. Will have to take a rain check on that.

thanks for having us scruffy Smiley-laughing was great meeting you all

WE had a GERAT time. Maybe next year we'll get to go some place else.. We will try and keep this going.

hope u do scruffy!!!
sounds like a great tradition in the making!!

Yes it was a great time, wish we was still riding, but that evil thing called work and money interfered
Guys and gals we will be doing this again next year, lets start thinking about places and time :), and those of us closer, more weekend riding to come

Headed to Baker City this weekend for the Hells Canyon run. Just more fun for me. Work does not get in my way of fun and frolic..Have a great week it's starting to get hot now 102-110 degs.

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