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Best Bike Stand

Looking for input about best bike stand for 2006 honda VTX 1800 F....wife looking for bday gift for hubby




Are you looking for a bike lift to raise the bike up to be more reachable when being serviced?

Looking for a scissor type lift where it jacks from the side or Lift table you can drive your bike on. I have 2 of each. The side lifts I use for removing tires and brakes. I use the table for everything else it is great to work on the bike standing up. every thing is way easier to get to. I have a harbor freight table lift that you have to jack up and an air lift table. I found that I use the air lift be cause it is easy to get in the air just step on the air valve and up it goes. The Harbor Freight one I use for other bikes when I have more than one in the shop and mowers. They make great work tables when not working on your bike. The scissor lifts are Sears and Harbor freight. the sears lifts a couple in's higher but the harbor freight seems a little more stable. Both work good and are easy to store just remove the handle and shove under the table. The Table lifts I leave out side and use tor work tables when not working on bikes. I move a table inside the shop when I need to. Just how much space you have and how much $$ you want to spend. I like both but the table is by far the best way to go if you have the space and the $$ they are 4 times the $$. The side lifts were $40-80.00 , the tables were $200-600. Hope this you out..

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