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The best laid plans........

Just a little something to consider for those headed to the Blue Ridge Ride this June.
Now for an Oh, crap moment.
Due to unforeseen medical issues, Patt and I will not be attending the ride.
I know, I know. It was my idea to do North Carolina. Don't rub it in. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!
Please take and post lots of pics and vids.
I can still dream.



So sorry to hear that, Edwin! You will be missed! And riding up from Atlanta, thanks to "your idea" to do NC, that's what made it possible for me & Jessica to attend! If it was farther away, we probably couldn't have pulled it off this year. Best wishes to you & Patt; I hope all is well health-wise.

Crap, So without you or Wayne I think that makes me the oldest old fart. Damn!!!
We'll miss you and I am sure there will be lots of pics if we dont get too soaked along the way

Was hoping to see the side car. Will definitely be taking many pic and videos

Hope your health issues are under control.

Thanks Edwin, that looks like the route I'm taking on the 9th before I head back to knoxville to return the bike I rented.

That's a great loop. I gotta check my time, maybe I'll ride it with you

Sorry to hear that Edwin. Best wishes to you and Patt

Hope you feel better soon. I’m meeting up with Tee in New Market and going from there

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