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Best motor oil?

Just bought an 08 C109rt . What is the best motor oil to use?




I just make sure whatever oil I get meets the "manufacturers recommendation" or exceeds them. I used to use Yamalube for my Yamaha, but after trying some others I like Castrol better. Just seems to run smoother and a bit quieter as far as engine clang. I never tried synthetic because once you go there your not supposed to go back. I really think as long as you change it at least yearly and use what's specified or an equal, it really doesn't matter. That's my take on it. I'm sure someone will come along and educate us a bit more.

I've used yamalube, castrol, amsoil, haven't seen any real difference other than when I switched to synthetic my bike seemed to run a little cooler. I use the word "seemed" because I've never had a bike with a temp gauge.

Thanks for the help fellas decided to go with Suzuki brand full synthetic Stay Safe thanks again

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