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Best pipes

New to the VStar. I got a 08 Vstar 1300 and want to get new pipes. What are the best to trade out to? Anyone know where to get some from? By chance anyone on here selling any? How hard is it to switch them out?



Subjective: based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions or, how to open a can of worms. LOL
This question can get a whole lot of answers and none of them will be completely right or wrong.
First thing to do is to figure out what YOU are trying to achieve, Appearance, performance sound?
There are several good manufactures. Cobra and Vance & Hines are two of the most well known but there are many others.

bag pipes?

Hi Camo welcome to the site and enjoy. I have the 2010 Vstar 1300 and replaced the oem pipes with American Classic 2 and what a difference, loud enough but not too loud. I also changed the air cleaner to a hyper charger they just look and perform great.

I also put baffles in, as in Australia the police make trouble if your emissions noise is over 85 to 95 decibels. With my pipes they are still over about 112 decibels but as long as you don't make a nuissance of yourself they usually don't worry you.

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