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Better Late Than Never...

Hi Everybody! My name is Dana and I live in Spokane WA. I have had many years' experience as a passenger on a bike but have always wanted to be the one riding on my own. I finally had the opportunity to get into riding class, thanks to the Harley Davidson Veteran's Riding Program. I passed my tests and got my endorsement!

I figured why stop there and purchased a pre-owned 2006 XL883C. I picked it up for a decent price and now there is no backing out. At the training school we learned on the HD Street 500. My bike is a little intimidating and a bit heavier, compared to what I learned on. I am excited to practice (in an empty lot, of course) and I hope to go on my first ride this weekend. I'll keep it short of course.

I am open to any advice or coaching. I want to be the best rider I can be. I know I will constantly be learning and I hope to make some new friends along the way.



Congrats! Hope you have many safe and fun miles ahead of you!

Good deal Dana. I really have to hand it to HD for that program you mentioned. They are really standing up for those who served. Which reminds me, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! I have no doubt you will be out in the wind very soon. Ride safe.

Welcome from Cape Breton Island on the east coast of Canada. Slow and steady lots of parking lot practice. Have a friend follow. and don't let anyone push you beyond your comfort area.

Welcome on CCC. The only way to learn to ride your bike is to ride your bike so...... I wish you many great spending hours on your new bike!

Thank you all for the advice. Yesterday, I started the practice in a parking lot, but got bored pretty quickly. So then I hit the residential neighborhoods. I started to feel much more comfortable, so I took her out for a 17 mile ride (with a friend, of course). I got up to 50 mph and it was great! I can't wait to ride again today. I only wish I would have done this sooner. Thanks again!

Thank you for your service and welcome to the site. Ben G lives in your area and his wife rides also. As stated practice, and ride your own pace and don't try to keep up with friends who have ridden longer and ride faster. Read the various information available about riding safely. And the biggest tip, remember you are invisible to everyone else thus always need to be on the defense. Hope to see some pics of your bike and travel as you get more comfortable.

Dana, welcome to CCC, just get out and ride, with time it be second nature, just watch out for the bad drivers, always be aware what's around you, and have an escape plan.

Dana, work on controlling the bike speed will come with time. And ride like there is a price on your head and everyone is out to collect. As we get more confidence in ourselves we tend to get lax in our vigilance, that's when accidents happen, Ride at your pace not someone else s. Above all, enjoy!

Thanks to everyone for the advice. Going forward, I will work on getting familiar with my bike and working on what I learned in class. It was foolish of me to go too fast, too soon. I really appreciate the pointers.

Dana, I'm north of Spokane, wife and I ride , she has her own, let me know if you want to join for a ride.

Welcome Dana, Enjoy the site

That would be great, Ben! My husband is taking his riding classes this coming week and hopefully a bike soon as well. It would be wonderful to meet some new people.

Welcome and congrats on your new adventure in riding! Wife and I have been riding a year. We're finally at the point now where we feel comfortable in MOST situations. The only advice I would offer would be: 1. Respect the rain. Don't be afraid to pull over and wait it out. Get soaking wet if you have to, but it is better to remain safe. 2. Related, watch the weather forecasts. 50% or higher precip; be ready. 3. Watch out for back roads you've never been on. After a rain, there might be gravel here and there. New potholes appear over the winter. Tight curves and turns come up in a hurry. Respect the turns and always be ready to downshift. Use Google Earth and Map-My_Ride 4. Start practicing starting on hills. Learn how to use your foot break to help u get started. 5. After a few weeks/months, try a few group rides. That is a great experience but there are things to know that are different than riding alone. 6. Don't chance your fuel. You will find out maybe ONE time the hard way what your distance can be but don't make it twice Smiley-wink

Be safe and enjoy!!


This is great information Bob, thank you. The thought of riding in the rain unnerves me a little bit. Hopefully, I won't have to tackle that task anytime soon.

Welcome to our site Danna. Stay tuned in, there's lots of good advice mostly from people who learned the hard way not to touch hot or sharp things.

Hi, Dana! *waving* Welcome!

Hi, Dana enjoy your ride and welcome,stay safe cheers.

welcome from south west BC .there are lots of great riding roads on Washington state

Thank you for your service! We have two boys in the military. One in the Army, one in the Navy. I've only been riding for about seven years now. Someone once told me that riding a bike is like riding a horse, in the fact that once you think you have it mastered, that's when you get thrown. Always stay just a little afraid, it keeps you sharp. There is also an old saying: "Never ride faster than your angel can fly."
Good luck to you and the hubby with everything. Enjoy the wind. I think riding is the closest thing you can feel to flying. Smiley-laughing

HI Dana. I ride with BEN and his wife. I am in Pasco. We like new people to ride with. We aren't the hot rod guys tooo much. Take it slow and practice, never go faster than you fell comfortable with. Don't let anyone push you or your husband in going faster than you like. When you ride with a few they should ride at the level of the least experience rider. That is how we ride most of the time. Now and then Ben and I just roar off and have fun. Have fun and be safe. Watch for every one around you while riding and you will have a great time and meet good friends.

Good on you Dana. Just keep practicing and join in on some rides with friends and other members.
Welcome to the community.

Thank you for the welcomes, everyone! So far I have about 70 miles of practice in. Different traffic and road conditions. My friend that I ride with has been very patient and helpful. It's been a blast so far. My husband is finishing up his training today, hopefully he will be getting a bike soon.

Hey Ben,
Can you recommend a good bike mechanic in the Spokane area? I doubt if my bike ever had the 10,000 maintenance ever done on it and it's at 10,500.

E mail send

Ben your the fixer guy RIGHT??? Just trying to help out.

Wayne, Ben pointed me in the right direction and gave me some great advice. Thank you!

That's great, hope to meet up one day. Have a great 4th.

You too! Be safe.

I put a discussion on about defensive driving,check it out if you have a little time
maybe it could help you a little
good luck to you both and be safe with your rides

I will check it out, thanks!

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