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Beyond LED's, from Edwins nerd side

 LED lighting is the current hot ticket but, science doesn't rest. OLED's and LEP's are the up and coming newbie's. OLED's are organic light emitting diodes and LEP's are light emmitting polymers. Organic in the terms of chemistry means the molecues are based around the lines or rings of carbon atoms. Plastic has lots of carbon atoms. LEP's are a type of OLED.
  Diodes are devices that allow current to pass in only one direction. The standard junction diode made of silicon or germanium has one side rich in electrons (n type) and one side rich in holes (p type) where electrons are missing, between the two is a barrier region. Connect the two sides to power, one side negative and one side positive and the electrons and holes cross the barrier. Reverse the polarity and everthing stops. Now when an electron and a hole collide they give off surplus energy. In the case of a LED, part of the energy is light.                                  Phew, still with me?                                   
  OLED"s are made differently. A basic OLED has six layers, seal. cathode (negative), emmissive layer, conductive layer, anode (positive), and substrate.When we add power, the cathode charges the emmissive layer and the anode chages the conductive, the holes cross from the the conductive to the emmissive , colide with the electrons and release energy, photons which is light. If you have large numbers of red, green and blue OLED's next to each other , they can be switched on and off to act like pixels.
These happy oleds make paper thin screens, are 200 hurndred times faster and can be viewed at greater angles..They produce truer colors including true black
  LEP"s can be produced using high precision inkjet printers. This is going to knock down prices big time. They are also flexible to the point where they might be used as fabric.
  What does this mean to us as Motorcyclists? How about a totally illuminated bike? Can you see the large glowing object, now? Large wearable tail light and turn signals. Don't like your bike's paint job. Change it instantly. 
This is going to be fun!



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