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Bigger rear tire !!

I would like to put a bigger rear tire on my bike a 2004 1500  Kawasaki Vulcan Classic , right now there is a      150-80-16 on the bike . Can I put a bigger tire on and if so how much wider can I go ??

Thanks Frank ...Ride safe !!



CoolHI; You should be able to go at least two sizes wider.  I went one size on the C50T .I had and I could have gone another with eaze.  The next time I need tires on the Stratoliner I am going to jump up to a 200 tire. You should measure the swing arm width just to make sure what size will fit. You don't want to go too big. Then you will have to return the tire. OR get a new wider swing arm kit. Have fun looking for a wider tire...Coolnew 180 70 bridgestone.JPG This is the C50T...

I would say you could safely go two sizes bigger than stock.Much wider than that you need a wider rim.You lose alot of road surface to tire surface going more than that on a stock size rim cause it does the ballon effect.Look at your swing arm and see how much clearance you have.Also keep in mind to your load you run.Do you carry a passenger,gear for long trips,sub frame under fender gonna rub?These are all the things you need to think about.

listen to scruffy and be safe that what i say

Thanks I checked with the local Kawasaki dealer and they would only install the recomended tire size ...  I'll keep looking , Thanks Frank ... Ride safe !!!

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Buy a c109r he he he got a 240 rear and its awesome....

But on ur bike, as wide as you would want to push it is two sizes bigger...

How big can I go on the rear tire? It has a 180/70/15 on it now. Suzuki intruder 1500 year 2003

The wider the tire the lower the profile and that will change the speedo reading. I would think a 200/ 55/ 15 should be just fine. You will still need to check your clearances due to the drive shaft

Scruffy...on these bikes, the speedo is ran off the front wheel hub. So speed reading is not changed.

I forgot I had a fine time getting the speedometer at the axle back on. Well until I found the notch in the sending unit. I felt kind of stupid for not paying more attention to the parts. That thing would be very easy to break

Hi. Hot a 2008 C90t Suzuki Boulevard. Current rear tyre 180/70/15.
Can i put a 200 on ?

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