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Bike Club near Decatur Illinois?

Ok, *update* I now have a Harley Davidson(2001 Wide Glide) which I feel qualifies me to run with several types of Clubs. So if anyone has contacts with clubs up towards Decatur Illinois, please hook me up.



A fricking Jarhead,,,,,, Semper Fi, With the suzi, I have no idea, Not knocking the suz, my c50 is still my fav, but Star (yamaha) has a lot of Chapters, Dont know right now where it is your moving as in relation to me, but H#ll I got the first two rounds

You have an OUTLAWS chapter in your city. Don't go there asking to join though, you will get hurt.  You have to get to know them and then get asked to PROSPECT. There are also the UNTOUCHABLES, HELLS ANGELS, just to name a few. The question is do you want to be in a 1% club? Your local H-D shops will know what clubs are good to join and know where and when rides are. A.B.A.T.E. is a good club to join, there are many chapters all over. They will also know who all the clubs are.

This link has most of the poker runs, events, and other things going on with bikes. I get regular updates from this site. There is  Marine MC's scattered about and you have to prospect with them too. There are also some American Legion Riders groups. Some other vet groups and H.O.G. chapters you could look in to.

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