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Bike is gone :(

Gday guys.....

Well the Nightster sold a few days ago....a sad day it was.
I would just like to thank everyone for their kindness over the years....the patches...the stickers...the donations of items to the mancave !!

I will still stop by from time to time....and hope to have another bike soon.

I would also like to thank the awesome team at CCC for their great service over the years, Uwe, you have assembled a fantastic team of should be very proud of what you have achieved my friend. 

So to all of you...stay safe....and feel free to message me from time to i will miss being part of the family that is on this great site.


Paul aka Folbz




Sad to see you go Folbz. Hopefully you get another bike soon and re join us here. Best of luck to you in your adventures

Sorry to hear you had to make a life change. But stay in touch. Your still one of us

That are nice words Paul!

I really wish you can have a bike again in the near future.....Once a biker always a biker Paul. I think I don't only talk for myself when I say I would like to see you and join us here on CCC so once in a while, with.... or without having a bike.



Take care Paul and I hope to see you back sometime.

Don't need a bike to have a chat on the forum mate....
Good luck n im sure another bike is in the future....

Now you will be getting you fun rush with the whole family involved, the truck will definitely take you into places were the sporty couldn't, post photos of the new adventures.

Hang around and you can abuse Biker Animal, and Tezza, and many many others.

I will happily do that phil !!!

Will post a pic of my new toy soon

Enough of all this sappy shit, be gone with ya! We don't need no bikeless has-beens here. If you aren't man enough to ride, its over! Just Kidding of course. Best of luck to ya and hope you stick around. Hopefully you'll be back in the saddle in no time.

See ya sooner than you think Folbz

Like they said, you don't need a bike to be in here so stay. Good luck for the future and hope you get another bike soon.

DO check in on us. And still stay in touch. Don't pay BA any mind !!

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