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Bike keeps cutting off

Hey guys! I’m a new motorcyclist got my first bike about 2 months ago.
Anyways the bike has been acting up these past two weeks, I was riding on the highway and it started to slow down and the throttle wasn’t responding, I’d open it up fully and it would start to kick in. But it just felt like it running out of gas, after about 4 miles of that it cut off on me so I pulled off after after sitting for about 10 mins it started back up.
that issue hasn’t happened again but the past few times I’ve started it up it’ll Fire up and just die after 15-20secs And today it did the same but even after sitting for a bit it wouldn’t fire up again. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 



change the fuel filter, under the seat


So I had a gut feeling the pilot jet was clogged, I figured why the heck not, gotta learn how to rebuild a carb sometime. Anyways after watching all the disassembly videos YouTube I gave it a go today, I managed to get the carbs out relatively easily and just took the top off and the float bowl on the carbs and sure enough couldn’t even see through two jets. So I cleaned em out and somehow managed to get it all back together but not before breaking the heater assembly, I hot glued it back on just for testing the bike and put everything back together, when I turned the key it made some funny noises that I have no idea what they were. Is there any way to put video up on this site?

Upper left corner of the page. Click on "Add a Video".

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