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Bike out of Storage, won't shift into gear

I hate to admit it, but my VS800 has been in storage for about two years.  I got it running today with some fresh fuel and cleaned her up.  I pull in the clutch (feels normal), put it into first gear (N indicator goes out and sounds normal) let the clutch out and nothing happens.  I then put it into neutral (N is not lit) and I trie second gear.  Still nothing.  Looking for direction before I start tearing into it.  Oh and there are no spills or leaks in the garage where it was stored.




What year is your bike? Not knowing that, I'll hazard a guess and suspect moisture bulid up in the hydraulic clutch system.

It's a 2010. It was in storage for about two years.

is it locked in gear or can you roll it

You may have to rock it for a while . The shaft may move but not the shift rail.

This is what you have. The shift barrel might be stuck. You will have to just try rocking it back and forth. or shifting up and down until it frees up. This is why bikes should never set for more that three weeks.

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