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Bike shut off while riding. Now no start no crank

Sorry if this turns into a lengthy post. I'm by no means a electrical genius but I'll post what I know how to do. 

First off. I bought a 2001 sabre 1100 this past weekend. Its not the prettiest thing but it ran. On the way home (about an hour drive) it just died and lost all power to everything. It blew the 10a ignition fuse so I replaced it with the spare but still had a no start no crank. I also had no lights or warning lights. 

I get it home and start digging. First thing I notice is a hackjob electrical splice for the stator wires going to the regulator. (just twisted together and taped) I made a temporary harness connector for this until I find my issue. 

I have 13.1 volts at battery with key off but 3.2 volts with key on. No ignition function. Doesn't even try to start. I unplug Ignition control module and volts jump to 7.8. And my lights and warning lights come on now as well. 

Any help or critizism is welcome. 





I would start with checking the stator for ground circut. If your stator is shorted (touching ground internally) any good OHM meter will work to find it. Then check the regulator. Take a look at these diagrams they will help you out. The next thing I would do is follow the wiring harness from the fuse box to where ever the wiring may be shorted out against the frame or engine.

Thanks. I will check it when I get a free moment.

So a buddy of mine helped me out. Stator and regulator are fine. My ignition control module went bad.

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