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bike smothering down at low rpm's

I have just did a carb cleaning on my 06' vstar 1100..  After reassembly, the bike idles just fine, but when you go to take off in 1st is will be sluggish or smother down.  Also does this when switched to 2nd gear.  I haven't went past that gear.  On the carb cean, I did take out one of the mixture screws on carb 1 but forgot abt it on carb two.  I have tried to re-adjust the mixture screw on carb 1 and haven't been able to get the sluggish or smothering down figured out yet.  I haven't checked the carb syn. yet, going to make a yard stick nanometer today and check that.  Any thoughts on what I might be missig?  Also might mention that it seems to back fire  a little more than normal.  I have hard chrome pipes on and a hypercharger installed also.  Bike has been rejeted-not be me- bought bike with all of things already on it. 
Also the bike still has the AIS system on still, so that probably accounts for he backfiring most of the time. 




Carbs have to be balanced/synchronized. This requires a tachometer and a manometer or vacuum gauge set.It can be done without the tach but it's your choice. Since you adjusted one and not the other carb, this needs done.
The ais is pain in the ear. It likes to make to make things pop. A lot of video's show looping the tubing at the pump which , to me is a temporary fix I bought the caps for this set up..

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that I probably need to sync the carbs. So will be doing that next and hopefully will fix the issue. Also going to takes carbs back off to check the float settings. Hopefully I didn't mess them up, tried not to but still could have. Do you know what the float setting are suppose to be on the vstar 1100.. I guess it could depend on the jets that you have. I didn't do the rejet when the hard chrome pipes were put on, so I don't know if the original jets were used or different ones. Thanks again.

Here's Maxair's page: Check it out.
Yamaha's Method from the shop manual.
This measurement is more accurate than a float
height measurement because the actual fuel level
can vary between carburetors, even when the floats
are set at the same height. Fuel level inspection requires
a special fuel level gauge (Yamaha part No.
YM-01312-A or 90890-01312).
Inspect or adjust the fuel level as follows:
Some gasoline will drain from the
carburetors during this procedure.
Work in a well ventilated area at least
50 feet from any open flame. Do not
allow anyone to smoke. Wipe up spills
1. Remove the fuel tank, air filter housing and
surge tank as described in this chapter.
2. Use a jack and/or wood blocks to level the motorcycle.
Make sure the carburetors are level.
3. Connect the fuel level gauge (A, Figure 73) to
the drain on the carburetor. Secure the gauge so it
sits vertically against the float bowl.
4. Loosen the carburetor drain screw (B, Figure
5. Wait until the fuel in the gauge settles.
6. Fuel level (C, Figure 73) equals the distance between
the fuel level in the gauge and the upper edge
of the float bowl. Record the fuel level and compare
the reading to the specification in Table 1.
7. Repeat this procedure for the other carburetor.
The fuel level of one carburetor should equal the
fuel level of the other.
If the float bowls empty during this
procedure, temporarily install the fuel
tank and refill the float bowls. Remove
the fuel tank, then proceed to the next
8. If the fuel level in a particular carburetor requires
adjustment, adjust the float height as follows:
a. Remove the carburetor assembly as described
in this chapter.
b. Remove the float bowl from the appropriate
c. Remove the float pin screw (A, Figure 51),
pull pin (B), and lift out the float.
d. Remove the needle valve from the float tang.
e. Bend the float tang (Figure 74) as required to
attain the correct fuel level. Install the float
f. Reinstall the carburetor assembly and recheck
the fuel level.

I hope someone might have an idea for me on where I'm going wrong. I have taken my carbs off twice now and cleaned them, to make sure everything was clean. I have adjusted the floats to what I think is correct. I have re-assembled the bike, sync the carbs and adjusted the idle mixture screws and the bike still is sluggish or smothering down at low RPM. I can use a little bit of choke and the bike will then run better, but I don't do this very long. Any ideas on what I'm missing here. Just can't figure out what to do next other than take in to shop..


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