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Bike Stalling - Easy fix or no?

Hey everyone,

I bought a '04 Suzuki Marauder a little while ago and everything was going pretty well until now. It is in really good condition, but is in need of a tune up. I was able to drive it around at the end of last week and over the weekend. No problems at all. I was busy at the beginning of this week so I didn't ride it for a few days. I go to start it up on Wednesday and it seemed the battery was low, so I left it alone and charged it overnight.

The next day I had a full charge and tried it again. Used the choke, got it started and let it sit for several minutes to warm up. Once it was good to go I put it in 1st, started to release the clutch and it stalled. I tried a few more times and this kept on happening. This happened right as it got into the friction zone, and not at the end of it (like if you release it too fast). At the end of trying, my battery was low and wouldn't turn the starter over, so I quit for the day and put the charger back on.

Today was pretty much the same thing. Even though the tank was pretty full, I topped it off with more gas, but I was still getting the same result. I did some research last night and it seems to be a gas it's not getting enough if something is cloged or dirty.

I have zero experience working on bikes, and I do have an appointment at a local bike shop next week, but I guess I'm just being impatient and want to do some riding. So my questions are:

  1. Does this sound like a gas problem to you?
  2. Is this something that can be easily fixed, even if only temporarily (a few days)?
  3. Why would something like this happen now after the bike was working flawlessly over the weekend?




Been down this road with someone else, damned if I can remember, not fuel though. I will keep digging in my brain

I've heard that the Maurader just does that sometimes, its a control issue!!!Laughing While copperguy is racking his brain, Don I suggest the Australian headpet for inspiration on this one,,Could it be that the battery is not holding a charge??

If you're thinking of dirty fuel or a something being clogged, I'd check the fuel filter myself.

sounds like a bad battery. which may mean a bad alt. Take the battery to autozone and let them check it free.


I'm a Roadie driver so bear with me here.  From your description it almost sounds electrical, but not like a battery since it continued to restart until you cranked it enough times to kill it.  Where my little brain is headed, does this bike have a safety switch on the clutch and/or a safety switch on the kickstand?  I very well could be peeing in the wind here, but I would be inclined to check those if it is so equipped.  I know on my Road Star if I put the kickstand down while it is still in gear it will stall.  You didn't mention whether or not the kickstand was up or down when you tried this (I am assuming it was up), but if a safety switch is bad and the bike is getting an improper signal it could do what you are describing.  It costs nothing to check these and it's easy to do.  Keep me posted on how you make out.

copper,  it wont need to be a deep hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this situation was electrical, Not saying you dont need a new battery, but that was not it, its a switch issue that suzi dumped by the time they went from volusia to the c50. It is possible this was discussed on

Do you have a motorcycle jack? If so , lets figure if it is a fuel issue, get her up and strapped down. started and in gear (should be able to get in first with NO throttle)  

Maybe it is a fuel issue as you would be giving it more as you were letting off the clutch lever. With the bike off the ground, the only torque is spinning a free back wheel.

Also look into

sounds like you battery is fine but your stater is burned out so the bike is trying to run on the battery alone this would do what your talking about

Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. I charged up both of the batteries that I had and tried them...but I'm getting the same result. I can get it started fine with the choke on, but once I take the choke off I need to keep on giving it gas just so it can idol. Once I stop giving it gas it dies. I'm not even trying to put it in 1st gear or anything.

Unfortunately/fortunately it's been raining here for a while and looks like it will be all week, so no riding for me anyways. The shop should be calling me soon for my inspection/tune up, so I think I'll just let  them take care of it. Once I get it back I'll update the thread and let you know what it was.

Thanks again,

Well now we are going down a fuel related issue possibly, best of luck hope dealer goes easy on ya

I have been a believer in the fuel theory from the outset.  It sounds like a bloked jet.  Choke out and it is being forced fuel, choke in and not getting enough.  If this proves to be the case I would also suggest cleaning out the tank and the petcock filter.

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