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Bike won't constantly start

So I bought my bike two years ago now, and I've been constantly having starting issues. I had the bike rejected, and that seemed to mitigate the issues for a while, but now they're cropping up again.

1. When the bike started I always had to have the choke 1/2 way open for about 3-5 minutes or it would sputter and die.
2. Recently it stopped working completely. It cranks over, but doesn't fire up even with the choke fully open. I've replaced the battery, but nothing's changed. The night before it wouldn't start I filled it up and it was sounding great.
3. Went out after 2 weeks of sitting and it fired right up. Rand it for a couple of minutes and it sounded good. Now I'm back to it now starting again...

I know nothing about mechanics, and can only fix stuff after I watch it on YouTube. With all that in mind, any ideas besides a $1,000 dollar trip to the shop?



I would check the fuel pump PSI. Change the fuel filter then worry about the jets. Your bike has an electric fuel pump under the tank and the filter is there also. Look at this site it will help you figure out where things are and how to disassemble your bike and reassemble it too.

fuel filter (under the seat) add some seafoam and see what happens, check the plugs,

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