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Bike Won't Move with Clutch Handle Engaged

Hey guys, I am going to lay it down how this started and what I've done to get to where I am...

This is a 1999 Suzuki Intruder 1400LS...hydraulic clutch system...carbuerated...

I started to have some clutch failure a couple seasons back, the bike would die when shifted from neutral to 1st, pretty much every time I stopped and needed to start from a stopped position.  I parked the bike for 2 seasons and just started to TRY and get her running right...well, the clutch handle was weak, no resistance at all...I decided hell, the bike is nearly 20 years old, let's go ahead and replace the master cylinder and flush/bleed the fluids from the system.

Next, I broke the bleeder valve on the slave cylinder by overtightening it while flushing old fluids and air, idiot move.  REPLACED SLAVE CYLINDER.

After bleeding the lines repeatedly, the clutch handle felt a little better.  Well, at this point I discovered a leak in a fuel line after filling the gas tank.  REPAIRED GAS LINE LEAK.  I eventually REPLACE BATTERY and got the bike started.  I engaged 1st gear from Neutral, the bike jumps forward and dies.  I bleed the lines repeatedly, over and over and over.  NOTHING CHANGES.

I buy a Barnett Clutch Kit and rebuild my clutch...CLUTCH up the bike, roll down the driveway and kick into 1st gear...start riding, I then accelerate, switching through 2nd-4th gears.  After I come back around circuit I road, I stop at the bottom of the driveway while engaging the clutch handle and in 1st gear, and the bike jumps forward and dies.  I have no idea what is going on and I NEED HELP!!!!!!  This is the same problem when I originally parked the bike, after all ive tried, still no resolution.  And, the bike does not roll forward with the clutch handle held while in any gear other than neutral.

1. Replaced Master Cylinder
2. Replaced Slave Cylinder
3. Rebuilt Clutch
4. Bled lines over and over and over and over...
5. Bypassed the Kickstand Killswitch
6. Lubed the rod/pin behind the Slave Cylinder




Question? Did you bleed from the bleeder behind the secondary gear case cover using something similar to Suzuki's vacuum pump gauge? If so, did you work the pump and the clutch lever at the same time before opening the bleeder?

Are you saying to prime it at the clutch handle and the bleeder pump kit before opening the bleeder valve? I did not do this.

So, pump the clutch handle and then get suction on the bleeder kit pump line then crack the bleeder valve open and continue using bleeder kit pump?

I still feel like there is air trapped somewhere, after all the bleeding attempts...the clutch handle should be a little more firm/difficult to squeeze.

Yes it is a combined process. This is an older manual but the process should be the same. Can't pull up the link for my later manual at this time.
Let us know if this helped.

You little guru you!!!

It's marvelous what you learn here ..... Interesting indeed... Hope you get it sorted ...
Ride Safe ....

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