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Bike won't start unless push started.

Two months ago i purchased a v-star 650 with just around 26,000 miles on it. Ran great prior to purchase, and ran great until recently.I ride roughtly 100-120 miles daily commuting to and from my wife's work and my own 7 days a week. This past Wednesday after dropping my wife off at work i headed to my work, parked it and shut it down like i normally would. But after work i went to start the bike but all it would do is crank but no ignition. I tried for awhile until the battery was just about to die, so i had a coworker give me a jump, Tried again but still no start.
I left the bike at work overnight (I work at a car dealership) and just left it for the next day. put it on a charger over night and still had no luck, crank but no start. I pulled the plugs and determined that there was no spark from either plug. I figured this was the issue. I planned on checking the coils but figured both shouldn't have been able to go bad at the same time so assumed it was a bad CDI box. Well after having the bike towed home i recharged the battery, double checked for spark but still only cranking. Fuel is fine, compression is fine, air is fine. I was frustrated so i decided to push start the bike.

I'm not sure if this is normal but when the bike is in 1st gear and i hold the clutch the transmission stays engaged and the bike cant roll, so i had to have it in N then while pushing the bike, have to put the bike in gear and pull the clutch lever in and out, after about 3 tries the bike finally started. It stayed on, rode it for about an hour, no hiccups, no lights dimming, no hesitation, and no indication that the spark was bad since there was no miss-fire or any other issues.
After turning the bike off it can start via the button with no issue, then i can ride it again, but this lasts for maybe an hour, if not 45 minutes, but the longer it sits the less chance it will fire.

Every morning for the last 3 days i have had to push start the bike for it to start, I can let it sit for a few minutes but any longer it struggles to start. I tested the battery at work and it tested good, 165cca out of 170cca, and 13.05V after sitting for 8 hours.

I really don't like having to push start the bike everytime, any help would be greatfully appreciated. Thank you in advance.




Download this and save it.
Start with adjusting the clutch.
Chapter 3, page 18
If adjusting it doesn't help then it may need replacing .
When you get it figured out, then see:
See Chapter 7, page 5.
I figure Yamaha is your best source.
Let us know what you find.

Thanks for the link, I started checking the manual for the no spark issue and have gone down the list, as of right now i believe it may be the Pickup coil.
The spec states that 182 .... 222 .0 at 20 °C (68°F) is the correct ohm reading, when i tested it i get OL, so im assuming something has gone bad.

My issue is that when i set the multi meter to test at 20k or 200k it gives a reading of .8k or .08k.

With the original reading being OL i would assume that there shouldn't be a reading at all at any level.

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