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A bit of a chuckle

Just for you adventurers eh Uwe? lol



first impressions is OMG - is this a joke?
But seems like it actually makes sense to some worldly travelers.
Personally, I don't like to camp when I ride because I like a hot shower and a nice bed after a hard day of riding.

Oh I've camped while on a ride but never up in the air on top of my ride, the way I roll around we'd be on the ground in the middle of the night and that might smart !!

LOL. If I did that, I'd be on the ground so fast.

The law of physics says this is NOT a good idea.

That is a case of inventing something for the sake of it!! That is down right weird!!!!!
Uwe, my idea of camping is going to the Hyatt and forgetting my tooth brush!!!

thats simply a case of trying to hard
im with u Phil

Nope. Not very good idea.

....What a great idea - something to crawl into if it starts to rain whilst riding on the freeway - I might suggest placing a small window facing forwards to see where you are riding though, else you could awake suddenly as a bus stops suddenly in front of you ....... I just love these inventions that people come up with .... there used to be many of them before they slowly wiped themselves out testing these amazing ideas ..... perhaps if they changed their medication they might have less scary thoughts racing through their heads .....

It's great to see but not for me!

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