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blackdog ride

hey to all,just letting everybody no about the blackdog ride that is coming up in march  im putting it out there incase there are riders that dont no

about it ,all the imformation is on the site  i have put a link up for all to see   cheers all   



Thanks David, Annie and I will probably do the one here in SA. We rode in the first BD in SA a Few years ago. It was a good ride, and was Annie's first longer ride on my 109.

hey beachy, that's good they recon is going to be better again this year ,im looking forward to it this one down here is around .250 kms return trip,then the following day im packing trailer for the AGM EVENT and also carnt wait for that to come anyway ride safe mate cheers.

Snapoer, Ulysses AGM? Look us up. Black/orange Honda Valjyrie in the Nepean/Blue Mountains group camping area. Polished aluminium Elite camper all on NSW rego.

hey Albert, thanks mate i sure will look you up when i get there ,will be leaving now on the Thursday after work or fridaynite now not Monday as now i have work commitments (SPEWING) but things could change again, hope to arrive around 7,to 8 o'clock if things don't change bill from the Melbourne branch will be saving a spot for me and my trailer (LOL) anyway will see you there and ride safe tc mate cheers.

thanks for link David
i just registered to do the dayer here in SA
just need to make sure Adrian can get out of bed that early
Annie you might need to get a water pistol Smiley-wink

Ready and primed Telf! Smiley-wink

hey guys ,no probs glad i could help ,im looking forward to it myself i hope we all get good attendances on each ride ,tc and ride safe my friends cheers.

Can you guys keep the noise down please, I'm trying to sleep here!

and you need your beauty sleep more than me lol

Telf, any amount of sleep to make him look beautiful would seem futile.

lol Albert

....but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.....

so are you trying to say Annie drinks a lot as well

Hey, I resemble that!

No...she just wears her sleeping mask when he's around.....
Beachy, you couldn't assemble anything.

what Adrian beer googles ?

Kerri and I are doing the bd ride as well

excellent max

hey all good to see your jumping on board cheers.

Good to hear mate. Been missing our rides

Yeah beachy
Will catch up soon

Will be Starting at Tailem Bend to catch it up I-m so happy

Chees Max, looking forward to catching up with you and TELF again. It's been too Damn long between rides

You got that rite
I have been bissy at the lab work is crazy at the moment

Well sadly tis Black dog was a total shambles in my opinion. A ferry crossing with 200bikes is not good and the planned 1030 morning tea break was more like 1230. it was. That bad we cut out at Tailem Bend because there was one too many dickheads on te road overtaking on double lines and cutting off other riders. What is worse is the biggest idiot was a female l plater overtaking at 140 Kmh.

It is sad when a lot of riders refused to ride on because of the idiots and lateness
TELF and Max we will have a ride organised soon and probably a BBQ up here.

Agree Adrian it being my first large group ride the idea was good the excution wasnt and it didnt get any better at wellington so I headed home I reckon they wouldnt t got to gowla till 245 - 3.00 oclock it was to catch up with the ccc mob Phil, Annie, Adrian , Max and Kery
Sounds ggod Adrian and could the owner of a suziki boulavard please check to to if they have their keys on them please Smiley-wink bahahahaha

Sorry to hear that happen, some people just DON'T know how to ride in a group settting I-m so happy

I have no idea what u mean TELF

Hey David, watch out for Al, if you catch up with him. He's a trouble maker. Smiley-wink Luckily Coz will be there to keep him in line.

Did you lose your keys again Beachy ? You need the key on a chain attached to your nipple ring LOL

no I kjust left them with the registration lady for safe keeping!

Could be look at me look at me ive left my keys lol

Yeah I know what you mean
Will catch up for a run soon just the regulars

Gave us the shits
Everyone was speeding
Passing me like I was standing still
Home now am stuffed

hey beachy ,sorry to here that you had a crap ride ,very disappointing mate , but will say that there is always some rider that does the wrong thing and doesn't no how to ride in groups hope your next one is far better cheers mate.

That's a real shame...hopefully the next ride is better mate

I don't think there will be another black dog for us. we supported the cause for our own reasons, however we don't want to become a statistic and the cause for depression. One thing I have noticed is the bigger these rides get, the more disorganised they are and the more dickheads you get on the road. When the ride leader is sitting on 140 kph and learners are passing you and cutting you off I think it is time to stop. Annie and I ride with some CCC members and also with a motorcycle club and we never have this kind of dangerous actions. The MC we ride with also do a lot for service Veterens so we will focus our efforts supporting them now. I know a lot of riders cut out half way for the same reasons. I think if the BDR organisers got their act together and spent some time planning it properly it could be a good ride. Sadly I don't see that happening.

Good call beachy

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