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blinkers quirky

Hey New here so I 'll make it quick. A couple of things my blinkers one side really fast other side regular. Any Ideas before I starting cracking the wallet? 2. The guy I bought it from put his foot down in gravel and dropped it on the right side its got a warbel in the bars when I let go, can that be reset and how? lastly I was conscerned about an acceleration isuue, normal everything is fine, when full open in any gear it coughs and sputters. Any ideas? Its all stock except for some wrapped drag pipes I put on myself



Turn signal relays are resistance determinate. Usually, a bad bulb causes the rapid blinking. It is also possible for the brake light/tail lights to have a effect. The fuse starting to go bad is another possibility. Check all the lights. You can swap the turn signal bulbs to see if the trouble switches sides and you can change the fuse. Since the bike was dropped , it could also be pinched wire or a damaged switch.
Check the tire for uneven wear or cupping. Wheel may be bent. Check the steering head bearings. The front forks may be out of alignment.
Changing the pipes to drag pipes without a change to a high performance intake and carb re-jetting is the number one reason for the sputtering. The intake and exhaust have to work together.

Edwins just said everything. Check the air pressure. if it's low the tire will wobble.

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