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Blue Mountains Aussie CCC rally 2014

After much deliberation and research we are pleased to announce that the annual CCC rally in 2014 will be held at the premier New South Wales destination of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.
The rally promises to be a great one with breathtaking scenery and awesome rides right at our finger-tips including Jenolan caves and Echo Point with the Three Sisters.
The dates will be Friday 7th through to Monday 10th March 2014.
We have negotiated very special rates for CCC members for this period.
The venue for accomodation is the "Skyrider motor inn", 302 Bathurst road Katoomba NSW 2780. Please phone Kerry @ 02 4782 1600 to make your booking.
In the likely event that the Skyrider fully books we have also recomended the nearby "Alpine Motor Inn", 197 Great Western Highway Katoomba. Please phone Larry @ 02 4782 2011.
Please make sure you mention "Cruiser Customizing" when you book your room.

If you have never been to the Blue Mountains before or it is on your bucket list, NOW IS THE TIME! Laughing

We have a number of local members including Tezza, Als1953, Coz53, Cliffy, Trailor, Matt01 and of course myself who would be only too happy to help with any questions you may have.

Here is the link to Tezza's video

Bring it on!



One room booked. Looking forward to it. Now I need to speak with the CEO and get the time off work!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep Phil. I booked the first room for 4 days yesterday. Good to see you coming up.

Ditto what Phil said - see you guys there!!!

Oh no!!! lol

We're in trouble if all 4731 Aussie members want to book. lol

We have a lot of overflow hotels in the area Al.
And there is always your spare room!

You mean where I keep the bikes? I not letting riff raff in there. lol

Great recon guys, sorry I wasn't there but you really didn't need me anyway.

I'm in .... will book tomorrow. Great location ..... and the destination is reachable in a day's ride from Canberra .... dont have to beg for as many days off work.

Cu in Angaston first, though....

Beachy and I are in, will book tomorrow .....then work out how we will get the time off !!!! Smiley-laughing

Speak to my CEO. He will give you the leave!!!!

Oh well I suppose so. yahoo!!!!!!!! I still like lakes entrance for one

THen organise it. 2016 is free.

I have a question for you Steve, can you pay for us?

Phil can I have time off.... For good behaviour!

Maybe 2016 at the earliest or 2017 for me. Will have my daughter out of college by then and no longer spending my money.

Beachy, if you ever do "good behaviour" then yes. If not, suck it up princess!!!!

Beachy, if you need me to, it would be my pleasure.

Phil if im still here and doing OK it would be my pleasure but would conscript a couple of Mexicans to help. See ya all at Angaston this year.

Annie and I were talking about it last night, at least 2 days solid riding there and 2 days back. This could turn into a two week break for us. Might go back via Sydney and follow the coast all the way back to Adelaide.

Sounds like a plan Beachy

Sorry everyone .......but ive just booked for the 2 of us so we WILL be there Smiley-laughing

Are you bringing the truck too?


Why Beachy....dont you have room to carry all of Merkins stuff?

Beachy, that is what Paul and I did in the reverse order from Mt Gambier, tookin the GOR as well.
Onya Tony!
The hotel is already filling up fast.

Smiley-laughing Ohh god that means Phil will be riding backwards. I guess it is better than side saddle..
OK Annie and I are booked in and we have a room booked for Merkin as well! Merking travels very lightly Tony, I was thinking you might be able to make a few bucks on the side with the truck. Smiley-wink

I missed that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would I be riding backwards????

Maybe Tony can carry back all the bikes that are not used to covering that type of distance?

Subtle Steve, subtle.

Thinking about that, there are some serious miles covered by teh group over the years. no one was particularly close to Mildura, or Mt Gambier ( I was the closest by virtue of changing jobs just before hand) Canberra was closest for the Sydneyites ( I know, don't forget the Canberrans) Angaston close for the Adelaide-ans, and Streaky Bay will be bloody miles from everyone. So in reality, over the years, we have all had to put in some travel. lucky57 still wins though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is why he is called luck. He is the lucky one to get to ride all those miles!

Yep. But you notice he only did it once. He flew to Canberra...and while he was in 'berra he flew the 'Bird and then flew home. We were a little saddle sore after Mildura as we'd only 10 days before hand got home from 12000k's east/west/east tour. Well worth it though. Streakrs Bay? 1938k's for us each way.

No one on this site could question your preparedness to ride. I certainly would not.

We do it Phil...wouldn't say we're prepared.... it's a bit like a competitive swimmer...when the starters gun goes you have to just jump in regardless of the temperature. That DEebs is more of a traveller. He's done around Oz every which way... and then he does the opposite to unwind. lol

I thought he went the other way to even up his tyre wear

And the wear on his rims.......

ok sweet i am booked in as well

Spot on Lee!

Just spoke to Kerry,
Only 12 rooms left!

Funny you should say "spot on Lee" There is a motorcycle shop in the Adelaide Hills called, "Lee's Spot on Motorcycles" We will drive past it on Sunday!!

Cool. Free services for all CCC Australian members. lol

Lee's Spot On motorcycle shop, 122 Melrose st, Mt Pleasant, he is a really nice bloke, does Dyno tuning

Phil why will yu be driving when the rest of us are riding?

I am trying not to associate with you all!!!!!!!!!!!


Seems sensible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 I hope will attract some oseas members.Its only a year away. We WILL be there. have no other plans for 2014

Awesome Dennis!
Book the motel! Not many rooms left!

We may have to book in to the McGettigan Motel before and the Forbes Inn after if we plan our time off right for next year.


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