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Blue Mountains Aussie CCC rally 2014

After much deliberation and research we are pleased to announce that the annual CCC rally in 2014 will be held at the premier New South Wales destination of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.
The rally promises to be a great one with breathtaking scenery and awesome rides right at our finger-tips including Jenolan caves and Echo Point with the Three Sisters.
The dates will be Friday 7th through to Monday 10th March 2014.
We have negotiated very special rates for CCC members for this period.
The venue for accomodation is the "Skyrider motor inn", 302 Bathurst road Katoomba NSW 2780. Please phone Kerry @ 02 4782 1600 to make your booking.
In the likely event that the Skyrider fully books we have also recomended the nearby "Alpine Motor Inn", 197 Great Western Highway Katoomba. Please phone Larry @ 02 4782 2011.
Please make sure you mention "Cruiser Customizing" when you book your room.

If you have never been to the Blue Mountains before or it is on your bucket list, NOW IS THE TIME! Laughing

We have a number of local members including Tezza, Als1953, Coz53, Cliffy, Trailor, Matt01 and of course myself who would be only too happy to help with any questions you may have.

Here is the link to Tezza's video

Bring it on!



Deebs you will probably pass this ole snail on the road.

Hope to leave on the 28th of Feb Dennis, hows that fit with you?

Early start deebs

Deeds you should get there , Just .LOL

Hey,Deebs, don't for get to stop in for a beer on the way mate OK, & Any body else too LOL

Dennis, Deebs, are you meeting up with the SA crew and riding there with us? I've done a recce and worked out some suitable stop overs. Let me know if you want details

There is still one room left at the Skyrider Motel.

I'll take it if everyone chips in to fly me over and back. LOL Keep me posted on this event in about 2 to 3 years when I have my money saved up and can come and visit.

Dennis; Glyd2 and myself will be making the trip.

Deebs are you cutting across the top or via Adelaide?

Beachy what have you worked out with suitable stop overs?

H ve to work it out with you and lethal but we are thinking a big day on day 1' Adelaide to Goolgowi, then straight to Katoomba on day 2 giving us an extra day at Katoomba to rest before the festivities start.

sounds cool Goolgowi is not that hard Smiley-wink only 760ish km

That's what we figured and then it leaves a 560 km leg on day 2 so we can take it easy. It all depends on the temperature and how long Liz can last on the back of Lethals bike. It is about 700 km more than Lethal can ride in a day Smiley-wink

Don't know yet if the WA crew will be meeting up and riding with us yet either

Don't know about the Sandgropers. March should be good weather mind you last time I went that way in March everything was flooded and the bike was a submarine Smiley-laughing

I might be able to meet up with you guys in Cowra for lunch on the Thursday then a short run into Katoomba

Sounds good to me. Will let you know closer to the date what's happening

Its all coming together!

It will be the best Steve.

You guys will miss the ride I can assure you of that. Im sure it will be great for everyone. its shaping up well.
Make sure you put your order in to the weather man.

Well this time I don't have far to go , so I'll head up to Singleton and come down the Putty rd then cut across to the Bells Line at Kurrajong Heights so I can make the most of the twisty roads . I will get down there Friday arvo .

We will be waiting for you Lowie! It's gonna be a blast

Planning to leave Canberra by about noon : Canberra - Goulburn - Taralga - Oberon - Katoomba ..... 4 to 4.5 hours. A short haul in comparison to last year!

I am still pissed that I am going to miss it!!!

Vardy, on the Cafe?

Hey Phil .... if you stay pissed between now and then, you won't feel as if you've missed anything!

Wayne: yes, if I can be confident with it's reliability. Will have a new S&S carby on it by then so that will be a good start!

Vardy I know you had a birthday recently but I'm not Wayne Smiley-wink

What you talkin about Beachy!? LOL - so people don't think you have gone mad I've left my previous response as is .....

Smiley-wink it's Ok Peter, your secret is safe with me. Do you want start hiding your own Easter eggs now?

I wouldn't remember where I put them .....!!

And I would like to make it very clear that I have not seem Vardys Easter eggs ,but I may have felt them . Not sure what was going on the day I had him on the back of my bike .

Umm I really don't know what to say about that Mark,

Did you just say that or think it out loud Mark?

did he cough while you held his eggs

PML .... we rode into the restaurant car park with me as pillion .... can't now remember if I was hugging Hagar or not ..... but, clearly, the wait staff saw us and obviously thought we were a pair of gay old farts. Maybe that's why that very attractive young waitress was keen to talk to us the whole time we were there - and ignore all her other customers - she felt "safe" with us. LOL

did you have your chaps on then

How did his neck smell? (Wild hogs comment)

Nope, no chaps - just good 'ol Draggin jeans!

I was wearing a full face helmet ..... couldn't smell a thing!

Sure Vardy, I saw the glimmer in your eyes when we caught up with you last year! Smiley-wink

I think I can see why Phil is not coming . Lol

Tillydog gets it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh Jealousy! Hagar how do you feel about these two fighting over you?

He didn't want to get his bike wet

I could have siad seat wet but I won't go there


Very intriguing conversation Im sure. Time for me to ride into the cbd and check out all the summer nat cars in town. Then home to bed for a ride to Young tomorrow

Glad to hear someone else coping some flak, rather than taking the piss out of me. It is better to remain quiet.

Cliffy I think you might have spoken to soon .

Cliffy. Have you still got that caterpillar ?????

Yes Wayne I still have my little friend Dirk, and yes we do share a room.

Lowie you are right, I should have remained silent.


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