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BMW R1200C 1998 - ECU Problem


I have a BMW R1200C 1998 model Cruiser Bike. The problem I am facing is that ECU is not responding. The Bike has very little spark & cranks but does not switch on.

Although there are no visible wear and tear but the mechanic says that due wrong positioning of the battery, the ECU's Processor has an electric fault. We have eliminated all other fuses, earthing, etc faults and have come to the conclusion that its the ECU that is faulty. 

So now I am looking for an ECU for my R1200C bike. 

My question is:

1) Has anyone ever replaced their ECU, would help to know from someone's experience if the bike started again?

2) Does the ECU HAVE to have the same Bosch Part No? 

3) If i do find a matching ECU, does it require the bike key or Immobilizer to get it working?

Thanks for the help




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