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Bogging issues. Stuck away from home.

I ride for 1-1/2 hours runs amazing.  Stop for 10 minutes.  Start riding again.  Bike begins to bog.  Have to give it gas to over come.  Back fires and pops like crazy.  Gets so bad.  Once u stop at a light.  Bike will idle.  But will backfire and pop.  When u go to take off.  Bike will stall or u need to give it a tonne of fuel to go.  Popping and backfiring worse.
-black soot (carbon) all over rear plug.  Front clean plug clean.
-black soot all over rear cylinder exhaust tip.  Front is okay exhaust tip clean.

-new plugs
-air filter clean
-carb torn apart and cleaned
-new oil
-new high test fuel




Okay, as I see it; the bike is running rich on the rear cylinder. Running rich can and will cause backfiring. You have attacked the problem from the carburetor side but, it may be electrical. A weak or intermittent spark is a possibility.. Try swapping the coils and see if the problem follows. Do you have a good shop manual?

Hey thanks for the help. I believe it is the coils. Im gonna replace them and see how it goes.

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